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Music helps to increase academic performance – Prof Nketiah



Professor Nick Kwodwo Nketiah, Policy Advisor, National Commission on Culture, has said that music has the ability to improve academic performance due to its impact on human brain.

He said listening to music could amongst others also improve language development and speech skills in children, enhance one’s self-esteem, listening skills and enhance power of concentration.

Professor Nketiah said this in his speech in Accra at this year’s “Sounds of Music;” a choral music competition held for secondary and technical schools and organized by the Centre for Nation Culture (CNC), Accra.

The competition was contested by four schools namely; Assin Foso Vocational Training Institute, Biriwa Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute, Toh-Kpalime Vocation Training Institute and New Century Training Institute, Dansoman.

Professor Nketiah said even though choral music is a fundamental part of modern life its roots could be traced into the traditional forms of Ghanaian music where drums and songs were sung with a harmonious rhythm.

He said even though the preference of music may differ from person to person its sense of fulfilment was constant for those who practised, composed or enjoyed it.

He said musicians produced their song for various reasons; some for the fame and applause, or to gain a livelihood while others use it as an instrument to express their emotions, reservations and for sharing opinions on issues.

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