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My visit to Ghana’s slave dungeons is the second worst day of my life – Steve Harvey reveals



American comedian and television host, Steve Harvey, has said that aside the painful death of his mother, his visit to the slave dungeons in Ghana is the second most painful experience in his life.

Sharing the experience from his recent visit to Ghana at a live networking sessions with youth in Gaborone at the University of Botswana, the ‘FAMILY FUED’ host said envisaging the pains African slaves had to go through was a sad emotion he could not get over.

Mr. Harvey said that upon visits to various castles in Ghana, he could not stand knowing that “one of my ancestors was in that room”.

“I was in Ghana, we came to Ghana a week ago to commemorate the 400 years the first slave ship left. It was the second-worst day of my life. The worst day of my life my mama died. I’d never really fully gotten over that but standing in the dungeons where they took us from, where they stripped us of our heritage, of our land, of our lineage that we Kings, Queens, Chiefs, landowners.” A teary Steve Harvey said.

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He admitted he felt mixed emotions of anger and pain upon visiting the forts and castles by colonial masters.
The Entertainer reiterated that he was appalled and bitter that the atrocity started in the first place and even lasted for hundreds of years.

“When we went to the second castle, I was just angry with what they did to us. How dare you create such an evil scheme; to strip people of who they are? To take us to a land far away where we were even hated more. And then we went ahead to build a whole nation. We built America.” he said.

Watch the video below.

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