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New Swag: Kanye West and Lady Gaga To Stream Concerts On iPhones



ladygaga-kanye-west-2ladygaga-kanye-west-2 A world where you never miss a concert may been surprisingly soon. Kanye West and Lady Gaga are planning on streaming upcoming concerts over smartphones through the new iOS app Spacebar

Spacebar allows musicians to connect their smartphone to the soundboard at their concert and stream the live audio in real-time. The artists can stream it for free or provide users with a five minute preview of the concert before being hit with a $0.99 fee to continue streaming. Fans also have the option to ”tip” artists an extra $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99.  Artists are compensated through PayPal. The truly innovative idea addresses the problem posed by the ease of illegal video/audio recording of concerts in this YouTube generation. Spacebar does not keep an archive of the shows and fans are prompted to agree to not record or redistribute the live streams.  Spacebar is also not limited to simply streaming concerts as artists can use the app in recording studios, tour buses, house parties and a vast array of other venues. In addition to Kanye and Gaga, John Legend has also agreed to stream shows this year through Spacebar The app is available for free at Apple iTunes Store.



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