Photos: Majid Michel becomes Books for Africa Ambassador


majid michel book donation (3)Last week, Majid Michel, accompanied by his management, Erawoc Bros Group  after picking up two  awards  one in Toronto  and the other in Atlanta still made up the time to tour the warehouse of Books for africa, a nonprofit organisation situated in Atlanta,  where he  was handed the mantle to be an ambassador for the organisation.

Books for Africa, is an organization that collects, sorts and distributes books to students of all ages in Africa. Their goal being to end the book famine in Africa. They believe in enhancing education as well as the studies of students not having to suffer  as a result of lack of books and studying materials.  They remain the largest shipper of donated text and library books to the African continent, having shipped over 28 million books to 49 different countries since 1988.

In 2012, they shipped 2.2 million books valued at 28.3 million to 22 African countries with an additional 616 computers and 15 brand new law libraries.

Majid Michel was chosen to be an ambassador of this organization because of his passion for empowering kids and his belief in what the organisation is doing for ghanaians and Africa as a whole.

Up to date Ghana is  the biggest recipient of Books for Africa, having received 221 40 foot containers of books. Other countries that have benefitted from the generosity of this organization are Ethiopia, Liberia, Cameroon and Nigeria.

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