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Piano classes: Exploring the importance of pop VS classical music



The natural enthusiasm for music in Plainview can get you excited about trying your hand at an instrument, and you decide to pick piano for ease of learning. Selecting a musical instrument could have been a breeze, but now the challenge is to choose a musical style for specialization. Family and friends tell you to go for pop, while the learned pianists emphasize the significance of learning classical.  Under the grip of passion and anxiety, you can find it hard to take a call. To overcome this problem, you can recourse to an objective approach, i.e., gain some awareness about these styles in connection with each other.

Learning pop vs. classical piano

When you take up pop piano lessons in Plainview, you play chords instead of individual notes. It is comparable to the experience of playing acoustic guitar. There is a reason why pop music focuses on chords. Chords form the foundation of this musical style. Pop piano learners have to develop their listening skills and memory. They have to feel it and be aware of their hand positions. Notation reading is not so critical here. However, you cannot imagine this in a classical method where note reading is an integral part. Since reading notation is not so easy, any free-spirited person would naturally incline towards pop piano education.

Usually, the pop piano allows enormous scope for improvisation, creativity with rhythms, and changing keys suitable for a vocal range. The musical score cannot pose any hurdle here. Since you get an opportunity to compose your music here, it can feel highly spontaneous and exciting to immerse yourself in this. Even the pop piano event that you may have attended in Plainview the last time would have had a lasting impact on you for the same reason. The spontaneity of the performer may have caught your attention.

With pop piano lessons, you can look forward to growing your skills in other musical genres, including jazz, rock, blues, and so on. All of them harp on chords and chord progressions.  In essence, you can expect to play plenty of songs from other genres that are similar to pop. You can think of “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri.

Anyway, it doesn’t imply that you cannot play pop if you have a background in classical music. Classical education tends to be the base for other musical styles, including pop. A large number of chord progressions come from classical music only. The sounds can feel different due to the use of various instruments; nevertheless, plenty of chords from the Baroque period continue to exist. Hence, it makes sense to take training in classical piano music along with other styles. It gives you an edge over others in terms of techniques and sheet music reading. Pop stalwarts like Sir Elton John and Alicia Keys also had an experience in classical piano.

Looking at how pop and classical music strengthen a pianist

Whether you live in Plainview or, for that matter, anywhere else, when it comes to piano lessons, everyone wants to figure out the best way to learn it – classical or pop. It is indisputable that both these music styles tend to be vastly different from each other. However, each of these can teach you something precious.

As you may already know, classical piano music tends to attract a serious audience. The music can be as old as 400 years. With classical music skills, you can expect to learn to play even difficult passages effortlessly. Your performance can improve, and you can collaborate with other instrumentalists with ease. Your knowledge of rhythm, musical symbols, notations, theory, and structure can become excellent.

On the other hand, learning pop music can help you get a grip over chords, improvisation, syncopated rhythms, songwriting, and reading multiple musical lines at one go.

Going by this, it is easy to assume you can have an advantage no matter which path you choose to tread. If your heart aches for classical music, then the gift of fluency earned from pop piano music can help you with numerous aspects of playing classical tunes. Similarly, if you walk on the road of pop music, the knowledge of classical education will come in handy for you when you encounter complicated technical spots.

Therefore, it is ideal to try both genres. Once you pick up advanced piano skills, you can take a specific route. For all this, you first have to find a reliable piano school in Plainview. The choice of teacher and music studio can further shape your journey in this field. If everything goes smoothly and you develop a keen interest in this instrument over time, you can end up participating in concerts and festivals too. Just make sure to keep up with your high spirits and enjoy the learning process.