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Say Hello To Sprayground’s Little Friend – The Limited Edition Scarface Collaboration



MG 0647

Sprayground, the world’s most popular travel fashion brand, reveals an iconic collaboration with the timeless cult classic, ‘Scarface.’ This limited-edition backpack merges the worlds of fashion and cinema, delivering a unique and legendary bag that will leave enthusiasts and movie aficionados alike yearning for paradise. 

The partnership with ‘Scarface,’ one of the most legendary and revered films in cinematic history, pays homage to the powerful and unforgettable world created by director Brian De Palma and brought to life by Al Pacino. The piece captures the raw, gritty essence of the film, as well as the bold, audacious spirit that defines Tony Montana. 

The limited edition backpack provides a twist to the classic film poster, depicting a strong image of the ruthless yet charismatic Tony Montana in a stark contrast of black and white that mirrors the dichotomy of his character. The background reflects the multifaceted personalities of the film with its mesh of checkered patterns, graphic and photographic art styles, and signature Sprayground shark mouth. The piece is accented with the emblematic Scarface and Sprayground logos. 

Sprayground first captured worldwide attention when the ‘Hello My Name Is’ backpack debuted over 10 years ago. Sprayground founder, David BenDavid (DBD), had high hopes to create a brand that he felt represented his childhood and upbringing. Exposed to streetwear, art and a variety of cultures from a young age, DBD took all this inspiration and turned it into creativity that is now admired worldwide. 

The Scarface backpack will be available online at and exclusive boutiques nationwide this winter. 


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CXC: South Africa’s Top Slow Fashion Designers Present Salon-Style Shows at the Nellie



6. Mount Nelson CXC Sindiso Khumalo by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

This November, Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, hosted Confections x Collections (CxC): an annual five-day celebration where intimate salon-style fashion shows, curated by Twyg, meet bespoke confectioneries inspired by slow fashion labels with a focus on community, care, and inclusion.

10. Mount Nelson CXC Chuulap by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

The collections on show were inspired by the theme of African Luxury Lore, a concept steeped in storytelling that explores the richness of African cultures and customs while offering more meaningful engagement with luxury fashion. The designer collections that graced the Nellie’s Lounge included VIVIERS Studio by Lezanne Viviers, an avant-garde, androgynous brand, and 2020 LVMH Prize winner Sindiso Khumalo, both returning to CxC for the second year. They were joined by Johannesburg-based designers Wanda Lephoto, who showcases sartorial storytelling, and Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung, famous for her bountiful and bold looks. The closing act was Cape Town-based designer of Thai descent, 0, fondly known as the “Prince of Print”.

11. Mount Nelson CXC Chuulap by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

With CxC, Cape Town’s iconic pink hotel pays homage to the rise of those who are championing a culture of care and honouring local artisanal skills through the legacy of the 50-year afternoon tea tradition. For the two daily fashion shows, Mount Nelson’s Executive Pastry Chef Vicky Gurovich created bespoke confectionaries inspired by the collections. Each show incorporated an intimate designer conversation led by Master of Ceremonies, Seth Shezi, with the common thread of collaboration and community emerging when designers modestly spoke about their respective creative success both at home and abroad.

12. Mount Nelson CXC Chuulap by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

Wanda Lephoto revisits African stories through the lens of contemporary style in his ‘Me Fie’ collection, weaving subcultures and influences through tailored garments. An observer inspired by South Africa and beyond, Lephoto says, “I’m in service to my friends and family with an understanding of where we’ve been and where we want to go. It is all through friendship and community”. He retells the story of watching the migration of people to Johannesburg’s city centre, those who carried large Ghana Must Go bags with crosshatched patterns, which he translates into ready-to-wear, contemporary designs. Cherry blossom appliqué suits welcome his notion that “from the cracks in the pavement, a flower can bloom”.

7. Mount Nelson CXC Sindiso Khumalo by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

VIVIERS Studio by Lezanne Viviers explores the provenance of our clothing and shared origin stories of diverse cultures inspired by the stars. Through reclaimed silk with Japanese printing techniques, Viviers gives a new textural feeling to silk harvested in South Africa. Like her contemporaries, Viviers celebrates community and shared values: “There is one designer with the idea, but it takes 50 people working together to make the vision clear”.


CxC transcends the runway as Sindiso Khumalo returns to indulge guests in the rare opportunity to experience her latest collaboration with European retailer ‘& Other Stories’. Her playful dresses and newly launched children and swimwear were laced with ribbons, storied prints, and Peter Pan-style collars. She notes, “There is an amazing fashion community in South Africa. This is bigger than showing your work, it’s about community building”. This collection extends Khumalo’s commitment to a plastic-free ethos, which features clay jewellery by celebrated South African sculptor, Githan Coopoo.

4. Mount Nelson CXC Viviers Studio by Candice Bodington and Mikayla McClean

Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung is the embodiment of building a legacy through community. Since founding Mantsho in 2004, Mokubung says “I have proven myself as an integral part of the fashion industry – a black female at the forefront. My community is what pushes me”. Each collection is laced with passion and culture, through a signature spectrum of bold prints and exaggerated silhouettes, collectively creating a mosaic of artistry and African prints. A true titan of the industry, Mokubung has once again made her mark, with the storied Mount Nelson as her stage.

Chuulap by Chu Suwannapha takes you around the world with his Spring/Summer 2024 ‘Sea Explorer’ – a collection of skilfully clashing colours, patterns, and maps swathed across trench coats, knitwear, and aquatic accessories. A salute to African creativity, Suwannapha points to ocean exploration and Cape Town’s wild terroir for inspiration. When speaking about the power of collaboration Suwannapha noted, “I am putting myself into somebody else’s shoes to extend my brand and I deeply value the opportunity to collaborate with someone who can change my experience”.

From historic threads to cosmopolitan tapestry, through Confections x Collections, the much-loved Nellie – a matter of months shy of turning 125 years old – continues to make its mark as one of Cape Town’s cultural cornerstones.

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Sulit Set to Host Get It Right Crash Course, Aims at Empowering African Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Brands



IMG 0253 scaled

Over the years, African fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands have gained significant recognition both locally and internationally. Despite this, several businesses continue to grapple with developing solid brands that have staying power in the market, resulting in their inability to scale.

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, Sulit, a collaborative consulting service that aims to awaken the potential of African fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses to evolve into resilient brands, is organising the Get It Right Crash Course on Saturday, 11th November, 2023 in Accra at RiStyled Events, Dzorwulu.

The crash course is designed to empower African creative businesses to fill the gap that exists between where they currently are and their dream of becoming unique brands with loyal client base. Targeted at fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, artisanal and handicrafts businesses, the crash course will equip participants with the tools to create unique brand strategies.

Speaking ahead of the crash course, Elorm Sika Amankwa and Worlaenam Sika, Co-Founders of Sulit Consult and organisers of Get It Right Crash Course underscored the need for the crash course.

“In our line of work, many businesses tend to approach us for strategies to help them scale or gain publicity. What they don’t realise is that without a good foundation (brand strategy), the expansion plan won’t work. It’s the same way in which a building without a strong foundation will collapse. Backed by our keen interest and commitment to help drive growth within the sector, we designed this crash course to help them Get It Right.”

“Through this crash course, our goal is to empower brands using a more interactive process to develop a clear vision and the actionable steps to achieve it, as well as to help them identify how they can stand out in a sea of similar businesses, resulting in return customers and more income.”

Attendees will benefit from insights and lessons tailored specifically to their industries, and within the African context. “We aren’t here to teach them lessons that they cannot relate to, or give them brand building strategies tailored to a foreign market. We are bringing everything directly home to them.”

The key topics to be covered in this half-day crash course include:
– Developing a strong vision (the ultimate goal which will give you strategic direction),
– Working out your mission (the actionable steps you will take to achieve your vision),
– Crafting your values (the pillars which help form your firm foundation) and
– Identifying your USP (the qualities that make you unique and memorable to your customer)
Participants will also receive industry-specific workbooks as well as 30-day access to a WhatsApp group to offer post-workshop support. In addition, the workshop will provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees to foster collaboration.

For more details on how to sign up for the course, please visit:

Instagram: @sulit_edu
LinkedIn: Sulit Consult

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Renowned Fashion Designer David Tlale Celebrates 20 Years in the Industry with a Spectacular Fashion Show



Celebrated fashion designer David Tlale is set to mark a significant milestone in his illustrious career as he celebrates 20 years in the fashion industry. In commemoration of this remarkable achievement, Tlale is preparing to unveil an extraordinary 80- piece collection at a highly anticipated fashion show.
The upcoming collection holds a deep personal meaning for Tlale, paying tribute to his late mother who would have turned 80 this past September. This profound inspiration serves as the driving force behind the exquisite designs that will be showcased at the event.
The David Tlale invite-only show will take place in the vibrant Melrose Arch Precinct on 08 November, just before the highly anticipated AFI Joburg Fashion Week kicks off on 09 November. Fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike can expect an unforgettable spectacle as Tlale showcases his latest creations, demonstrating why he has become a force to be reckoned with within the fashion world.
Reflecting his commitment to nurturing emerging talent and giving back to the industry, Tlale’s show will commence with a special segment featuring a 30-piece collection by six exceptional interns. Each intern will have the opportunity to showcase their unique vision through a captivating five-piece collection. This initiative not only highlights Tlale’s dedication to cultivating the next generation of fashion leaders, but also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and mentorship within the industry.
The David Tlale 20th Anniversary celebrations will extend well beyond the fashion show, with a series of events and activities planned all through to November 2024. Tlale’s longevity in the industry is a testament to his exceptional talent, unwavering passion, and artistic vision.
Presented by the House of David Tlale, the show is made possible through the generous support of our valued sponsors. Their commitment to the fashion industry and dedication to nurturing creativity has been instrumental in bringing this momentous occasion to life.
The David Tlale show is supported by The Venue – Melrose Arch, African Fashion international, Black Motion Production, M.A.C Cosmetics, TASTIC, Mizani, with PR by OnPoint PR and produced by ELALT Events and Productions.
Please see attached for media use, 2 sketches from the upcoming David Tlale 20 Year Anniversary Collection.
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5star University College hosts the maiden edition of Fashion for Change on Nov. 11



PHOTO 2023 10 23 08 36 53

5star University College is set to organize its maiden edition of the Fashion for Change project on November 11, 2023, at Patty’s Event Centre at East Legon, Accra.

According to the President and Founder of 5Star University College, Wilson Richbill, the mission of the project is to promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices, foster eco-conscious consumer behavior, and encourage brands to adopt environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

He further explained that, by raising awareness about the interconnectedness between fashion and climate change, the initiative aims to inspire collective action and empower individuals to make informed choices that contribute to a more sustainable future.

“In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, the fashion industry is increasingly recognizing its role in contributing to climate change. However, The Leaders of 5Star University College believe that, within this realization lies a powerful opportunity to drive positive change. The “Fashion for Change” project emerges as a beacon of hope in Ghana and Africa at large, aiming to revolutionize the industry by promoting sustainability and raising awareness about the dangers of climate change. With a core theme centered on the perils of environmental degradation, this transformative initiative strives to foster a new era of conscious consumerism and responsible production practices within the fashion world,” he added.

Themed “Fashion for Change: Combating the Dangers of Climate Change”, the event will bring together top key players from all sectors. The students of 5Star University College will, through their fantastic performances, highlight the dangers of climate change.

5STAR UNIVERSITY COLLEGE as a leading fashion, media, filmmaking, IT, and business school in Accra, Ghana, has started a project with the SRC of the University College to help solve environmental problems in our communities.

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Ghanaian fashion brand, Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women



Odefille designs 5

Odefille, a new Ghanaian fashion brand, has officially launched on September 23, 2023, at the W.E.B. Dubois Center in Accra with the aim of providing stylish fashion options for C-suite women. 

The new brand   launched under the umbrella of the H&M Fashion Show (Heels and Muscles), which is a platform for beginning and advanced designers and which takes care of most things like catwalk, models, photographers, among others.Odefille designs 4

CEO and Founder for Odefille, Nadia Asantewaa Nkandobi, speaking on the inspiration and vision behind the brand said: “The C-suite woman needs to be dressed such that she can be present in the boardroom next to her CEO, or be CEO, or at cocktail receptions or restaurants, or pick or drop guests to and from airports or hotels. She needs to be stylish and attractive without giving the wrong impression.”

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

Acknowledging the challenges that many women in executive positions encounter when selecting appropriate attire for various occasions throughout their day, Ms. Nkandobi established Odefille to specifically cater to this gap.

Ms. Nkandobi, who has an extensive background in fashion, including modeling and working in the industry internationally, noticed the lack of exciting options in traditional C-suite wear. Drawing from her experience and expertise, she decided to create a modern clothing and accessories line specifically tailored to the needs of C-suite women

“I noticed that many of my contacts who are working in the C-suite environment are struggling to find the right thing to wear, suitable for all occasions throughout their day, sometimes with unexpected things happening like an unannounced dinner or travelling.

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

I have been involved in fashion since I was 6, my mum then had her own Batik line under the name ‘Faustina’s Fashion’ and I’ve worked in the Woodin and M.A.C. stores. I have also worked and travelled internationally with top executives, and through all that I have developed a good eye for what goes and what does not in that environment.

I have also modelled for more than 10 years. I graduated from Exopa Modelling Agency and I regularly modeled for Bob Pixel, and I am still modelling for designers who are launching new collections, both in the studio and on the catwalk. I featured in Paris Match Magazine. Therefore, I am not a novice. At the same time, I noticed that the present traditional C- suite wear is rather boring and needs a lift. Personally, I would feel neglected if I was to wear that sort of thing, I can look better than that,” she said.

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

The Odefille brand

The Odefille brand focuses on top-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure each garment meets Nkandobi’s exacting standards. In addition to her own designs, the Odefille brand collaborates with top designers from Senegal and Mali, as well as sourcing unique and captivating pieces that align with the brand’s vision.

“In addition to my own designs, I collaborate with some top designers from Senegal and Mali, and I constantly scout for unique and captivating pieces that align with my brand’s vision. I am not planning for everything I offer to be purely my own, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing,” she said. 

Ms Nkandobi is dedicated to empowering C-suite women to feel confident, empowered, and effortlessly fashionable in every aspect of their lives. I invite everybody to join me on this exciting journey as I redefine executive fashion with my top-quality standards.

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Exploring the Sparkle of VVS Moissanite Custom Pendant



peardedesign com 925 silver vvs moissanite custom pendant personalized custom logo letter pendant 31431760740531

When we talk about exquisite jewelry, VVS Moissanite custom pendants stand as a shimmering testament to the allure of ethereal beauty. This comprehensive guide embarks on a journey through the enchanting world of VVS Moissanite, unraveling the art of customization, and equipping you with everything a discerning buyer should know about these splendid adornments. From the celestial brilliance of VVS Moissanite to the meticulous process of crafting a custom pendant, this guide serves as a beacon of enlightenment for those who seek the finest in elegant jewelry, and all about custom moissanite jewelry.


Unveiling the Mystique of VVS Moissanite


VVS Moissanite, a majestic gemstone, takes its rightful place in the constellation of luxurious adornments. A miraculous creation born from the earth but meticulously refined, VVS Moissanite wears the prestigious title of “Very, Very Slightly Included,” signifying a celestial purity of form. In the world of gemstones, it is a flawless beacon of light, coveted for its breathtaking radiance.


Why the Enchantment of VVS Moissanite?


The Phenomenon of Brilliance: The very essence of VVS Moissanite’s charm is encapsulated within its name. Moissanite’s fire and sparkle, outshining traditional diamonds, comes from its remarkable refractive index. It creates an ethereal dance of colors, transforming light into a mesmerizing cascade of brilliance that captivates the senses.


  • The Art of Clarity: The VVS designation certifies the gemstone’s exceptional clarity. The minute inclusions, almost invisible to the naked eye, ensure that your custom pendant remains a treasure of impeccable purity, free from visible blemishes.
  • The Resilience of Eternity: Endurance is an inherent quality of VVS Moissanite. Its ranking on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, a close second to diamonds, promises a lifetime of unblemished radiance. As your custom pendant becomes a cherished heirloom, the brilliance remains untarnished.
  • The Ethical and the Affordable: In a world that reveres ethical sourcing and sustainability, VVS Moissanite shines as an emblem of conscious luxury. It is primarily lab-grown, aligning with the principles of responsible sourcing. Beyond ethics, affordability is another jewel in the crown of VVS Moissanite. It offers unrivaled brilliance without the excessive price tag often associated with traditional diamonds, making it an accessible choice for those who seek ethereal beauty.


The Craft of Custom VVS Moissanite Pendants


The Inception of Design


The artistic journey of a custom VVS Moissanite pendant commences with the selection of the design. Personalization empowers you to choose a design that harmonizes with your inner essence. Consider the following elements when making your design choice:

  • Expression of Personal Style: Your style is the canvas for your pendant’s design. Do you yearn for classical elegance, the charm of a vintage aura, or the sleek modernity of contemporary design? Your custom pendant should be an extension of your unique identity.
  • Reflecting the Occasion: The practicality of your pendant’s design should be in harmony with the occasions where it will shine. Some designs are versatile and apt for everyday wear, while others exude an aura befitting special events and formal gatherings.
  • Symbolic Significance: Your custom pendant can carry profound symbolism, resonating with cherished emotions. Whether it symbolizes love, faith, or an intimate memory, the design you choose becomes a vessel for your heartfelt expression.


The Alchemy of Metal


After envisioning your design, the next step is selecting the metal type for your custom VVS Moissanite pendant. The metal type intricately influences the overall persona of your pendant. The common metal types to contemplate include:


  • White Gold: A timeless, elegant choice, white gold serves as a versatile backdrop for your VVS Moissanite gemstones. It complements diverse styles and gemstone hues, a canvas where your brilliance can truly flourish.
  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold radiates warmth and classic allure. A popular choice among those who relish a traditional, romantic resonance in their jewelry, it epitomizes everlasting beauty.
  • Rose Gold: The enchanting allure of rose gold, with its delicate pinkish hue, evokes a sense of romance and sophistication. It’s a sublime choice for those who seek a fusion of contemporary style and distinctive charm.
  • Two-Tone or Multi-Tone: Some custom pendants transcend conventionalism by integrating two or more types of metal. This creates a symphony of contrasts, ushering complexity and depth into the design.


The metal type is the backdrop that harmonizes with the gemstone arrangement and design, allowing you to create a pendant that resonates with your aesthetic.


The Choreography of Gemstones


The gemstone arrangement is the stage where your pendant’s visual narrative unfolds. You are the director, choosing the shape, size, and arrangement of your VVS Moissanite gemstones. Contemplate the following facets of gemstone arrangement:


  • Gemstone Shape: Your choice of gemstone shape is a poignant brushstroke on the canvas of your pendant. The shapes range from the classic round to the elegant princess, the alluring emerald, the cushion, and an array of possibilities. Each shape casts a unique aura upon your pendant.
  • Gemstone Size: Determining the size of your VVS Moissanite gemstones involves a delicate balance between overall pendant proportions and personal preference. Select a size that resonates with your vision and complements your chosen design.
  • Arrangement Symphony: How your gemstones are set is a canvas of creative expression. It’s the canvas upon which the narrative of your pendant is painted. Would you opt for a solitary, breathtaking centerpiece, or do you envision a constellation of smaller gemstones? The arrangement carries depth and character into your pendant’s tale.


The privilege of customization ensures that your pendant sparkles exactly as your heart desires, transforming it into an artful reflection of your taste and style.


Personalization, the Elevation


The crowning moment in your journey towards creating a custom VVS Moissanite pendant is personalization. This is the defining stroke that distinguishes your pendant as a cherished masterpiece. Delve into the realm of personalization with these considerations:


  • The Language of Engraving: Your custom pendant becomes an eloquent canvas, open for the etching of your initials, the proclamation of a significant date, or the profound communication of a message that pulsates with personal resonance. Engraving bestows a soul on your pendant, making it uniquely yours and an eloquent repository of sentiments dear to your heart.



In the grand tapestry of jewelry, VVS Moissanite custom pendants emerge as transcendent gems that not only bedazzle but also serve as expressions of individuality and elegance. The brilliance of VVS Moissanite, a celestial dance of light and color, casts an enchanting spell, rivaled by few. Its exceptional clarity, enduring resilience, ethical origins, and affordability elevate it to a place of reverence. Crafting a custom VVS Moissanite pendant is an artful journey that begins with design selection, and navigates the realms of metal and gem.

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