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Seydou shares photos of Talia’s visit to his room on Twitter


Seydou shares photos of Talia’s visit to his room on Twitter

It looks like there is more to the Big Brother Stargame love triangle between Seydou, Talia and Keagan than meets the eyes. Both Talia and Keagan have expressed severally their intent to grow their romantic relationship outside the Big Brother House. But according to Seydou, his former ‘lover’, isn’t completely over him like Talia wants Africa to believe.

Seydou has been posting on his facebook page and twitter that Talia wants him back. According to him, Talia came to spend a romantic moment with him in Seydou’s hotel room.  His remarks were met with insults particularly from some of Talia and Keagan’s fans.  So he tweeted:

“Imature after all lol so people think its fake?? Good think is i have pictures videos and recordings. Watch out”, and shared a photo proof subsequently.

He previously posted on his facebook page also:  “People just get real and stop blaming keagan..If he says he likes her he is entitled to do try whatever. She should ve jst set the record str8 dats all there is no such thing as house pressure or confined space confusion when u dont want to u just don t do it. She can only be crazy thinking i ll take her back after all dis disgrace…Had to see it with my eyes, saw enough made my choice and yuuup moving on I m better off alone. Head Held High. Back 2 Bachelor Life…”

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