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Some Facts About Body Identical HRT – Know Your Type



Menopause treatments can be tricky and complicated at times. They might require extensive and prolonged methods of therapies and medications to control their symptoms. That this why menopause doctors prefer early diagnosis and treatment to prevent the issue to get more complicated. In this regard, hormone therapies are highly preferred, especially body identical hrt for more effective results.

What is “body identical” hormones?

For menopause treatments, you might have heard the words “compounded”, “bioidentical”, or “body identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT)”. These reflect different types of hormonal treatments for menopause. However, the most preferred and effective one is considered to be body identical hormone replacement therapy.

This therapy is the safest and most regulated one that shows the desired results. It is conducted by transferring estrogen into the body through skin patches, gels, sprays, micronized progesterone, etc. The reason why body identical therapy is preferred is that the hormones used in this therapy are extracted from the yam plant since their molecular structure is highly similar to that of a human growth hormone, or the ones produced in the ovaries. Their similarity to human hormones makes them highly efficient and effective in resolving human hormonal issues, especially menopausal symptoms.


Types of body identical hrt treatments:

There are a few ways in which body identical therapies work. For instance:

  • Body identical estrogen treatments

Estrogen is the most essential hormone in the female body that regulates its reproductive and sexual conduct. Since the lack of estrogen is the reason for menstrual disruption and menopausal symptoms, therefore, estrogen is given to the body in various ways. Either through skin patches, sprays, gels, or oral tablets, estrogen is transferred into the body to balance the hormonal imbalance.

  • Body identical progestogen treatments

Sometimes, along with estrogen, a progestogen is also given to the body to strengthen the inner lining of the uterus. Taken through a soft gel capsule, a progestogen is highly functional for regulating the natural processes in the uterus.

Both estrogen and progestogen are either given separately or combined, depending on the need and condition of the body.

Compounded bioidentical HRT is quite different from body identical hrt in many ways. Bioidentical hormones are not naturally extracted, but custom-made to suit the needs of the treatment. They are used combined with other hormones for more effectiveness.

However, according to many studies, bioidentical hormones are not much preferred by experts as they are not much proven to be effective for women as a long-term solution. They can only bring short-term relief when combined with naturally identical hormones.


Since there are many methods of treating menopause through hormonal therapies, the best approach is to know which one suits your body conditions the most. This will be judged by an expert menopause doctor who will also prescribe the relevant treatment.

Moreover, hormonal therapies can sometimes produce complicated results if not done correctly by an expert. Since hormones are highly responsible for the major functioning of the internal systems, especially the reproductive system, therefore, it is essential to choose the most-suited body identical hrt rather than going with the most convenient one.

These treatments are supposed to produce long-term results, thus, whenever a person goes for hormonal therapy, make sure you are going to a professional menopausal doctor who knows what is best for you. After all, only the right treatment at the right time can beat fruitful results. Otherwise, complications can be increased.

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