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The Life of Emirates Cabin Crew: Daniel Kumevor & Viola Boame



Can you imagine waking up in the morning; flying  for thousands of miles and getting off to have lunch in one country; and then jetting off to have dinner in another country? Well, this  is sometimes the life of a cabin crew member!

With hundreds of flights to fabulous destinations across the world, the Emirates Cabin Crew enjoy the life that some of us can only dream about. I got the chance to talk to two Ghanaians on the team to find out more about life in the air, around the world and more.

Daniel Kumevor was born and raised in Accra. He has been working with Emirates for over 8 years as a Cabin Supervisor. As a cabin crew with Emirates, Daniel has come across so many people of different cultural orientation and he enjoys putting smile on their faces on passengers. He has travelled extensively around the world and his favourite destination on Emirates network of over 150 destinations is New Zealand. He describes the people of New Zealand as friendly, kind hearted and very peaceful. He also loves the environment which is fresh, green and tranquil.


As an Emirates cabin crew, Daniel lives in Dubai which is the airline’s hub. He enjoys life in Dubai because the country is a hub in connecting people to different parts of the world. He also loves the diversity of culture, safety and the level of comfort in Dubai.

Daniel believes every day is a gift and needs to embrace each day with joy. With this, he always likes to see others happy and want to share positive vibes.

Viola Boame, from Tema and have been working with Emirates for three and a half year as a cabin crew. She is responsible for the Economy Class cabin. What she loves about her job is the opportunity to meet people of diverse cultural background and experience and learn about other cultures.

Her favourite destination currently is Bangkok because of its night life. Being an Emirates cabin crew means she resides in Dubai. Dubai is a multicultural city, it’s safe and most of all there is so much respect for everyone’s culture. Viola is a good singer and a terrible dancer.

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