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The simple lives of these super rich will shock you



It has become common for many nouveau riche people across the world to show off their expensive cars, houses and fancy lifestyle.

But the world’s richest do not do such things and rather prefer no to spend money lavishly.

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Here are some interesting facts about the lifestyles of 10 of the world’s richest folks:InstaSave 14InstaSave 16InstaSave 13InstaSave 17InstaSave 9InstaSave 15InstaSave 12InstaSave 8InstaSave 10InstaSave 11

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ACT OF LOVE wins at the prestigious 13th Luxor African Film Festiva



aol 10

With an astounding 16 Festival Selections, 13 Nominations and 7 Awards, within just 4 Months from its Premiere, ACT OF LOVE has also won the Nile Grand Prize for Best Short Film, at the 13th Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt!  And is only the 2nd Short Film from Kenya to win an Award there, after TITHES & OFFERINGS in 2019; and the 6th Film overall from Kenya.

This comes just 2 Weeks after winning Best Short Film and Best Scriptwriter at the inaugural Mombasa International Film Festival.

And to Celebrate, the Cast & Crew shall be joining the 2nd #WeWatchKenyan Watch Party by MyMovies.Africa™, on Friday 29th March 2024 (6.00pm-10.00pm), at OUT Reality in The Mall (Basement), Westlands.

On-hand in Egypt to receive the Award was the Director – Eric Mwangi, who said: “Winning at Luxor has been incredibly affirming as a Creative.  Even though the Film was screened with Arabic subtitles, its power was unchanged.  It’s a blessing to see people who don’t speak your language, resonate with the same measure as my people in Kenya.  I believe that’s a testament to the universality of our Film.”

Inspired by the Writer – Shelly Gitonga’s true story, ACT OF LOVE (16+) is a moving Short Film, set in Nairobi, about Juliana (Mwixx Mutinda) – a young Mother, who holds on to sanity by a thread, as her world is turned upside down in search of a livelihood.


“ACT OF LOVE is a Film that makes society acknowledge the ugly side of Motherhood”, says Ms. Shelly Gitonga – the now Award-winning Scriptwriter.  “Statistics show that Post-Partum Depression (PPD) affects 10-20% of Women globally; but in Africa, the situation is worse, with 10-32% of Women suffering from PPD.”

ACT OF LOVE also won Best Short Film at the 9th MASHARIKI African Film Festival in Kigali – Rwanda, during November 2023; following Runner-up for Best Kenyan Short at the Under Our Skin International Film Festival for Human Rights in Kenya in Nairobi, during November 2023; following-on from winning the People’s Choice Award at the inaugural Sauti Zetu Film Festival in Dar-es-Salaam – Tanzania, during October 2023.

And on International Women’s Day, three Cast & Crew from the Film are Nominated for 5th Women In Film Awards (WIFA), in Nairobi; namely:  Shirleen Wangari (Best Newcomer Producer in Film), Mwixx Mutinda (Best Actress in Film) and Vivian Njeri (Best Costume Designer).

“In Kenya, the prevalence of this Maternal Mental Health challenge is reported as 11-13%, affecting the well-being of Mothers, Newborns, Families and Communities”, says Ms. Shirleen Wangari, the now Award-winning Producer, at Blackwell Films.  “The condition can impair a Mother’s ability to care for her Child and, in extreme cases, can lead to post-partum Psychosis, Suicide and/or Infanticide.”

To-date ACT OF LOVE, has also been Selected for the prestigious 2023 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) in Tanzania, 2023 Swahili International Film Festival & Awards in Kenya, 2023 Fragments Festival in the United Kingdom, 2023 Kugoma Film Forum in Mozambique, 2023 Fankeenna Film Festival in Somaliland, 2023 Hollywood African Cinema Connection (HACC) Film Festival in America, 2023 Global Film Exhibition in America, 2023 Botswana International Film Festival, 2023 Mombasa International Film Festival in Kenya, Kenya Film Commission’s Reel County Film Festival 2024 and 2024 Kitale Film Week pin Kenya!


“We are so Proud of the Cast & Crew of this beautiful Film”, says Ms. Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Content Director of YAKWETU™ – the Distributor.  “As well as having ACT OF LOVE worldwide on our own MyMovies.Africa™”, the Film is also now Available for Licensing to other Video On Demand (VOD) services, Television and Non-Theatrical opportunities like Airlines, so that as many Africans and Diasporans as possible, can watch this important Title.”

“We have begun special Screenings to underserved Communities of Women and Healthcare Workers around the Kenya and Africa, to raise further Awareness and spark Conversations for supportive Action on Post-Partum Depression, Maternal Health and Mental Health”, says Ms. Chloe Genga, Impact Producer at LightBox Africa.  “And we’re open to Collaborating with any Partners who share our Vision”.

ACT OF LOVE was Produced by Blackwell Films, in conjunction with Ripple Productions, through Funding by Some Fine Day Pix, GIZ, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development of Germany and DocuBox East Africa Fund; with Support Naomi Mburuh Films, Film Studios and Jenga Leo.


Notes to Editors:



After losing her job at a restaurant, Juliana downsizes to a one-roomed house in an informal neighbourhood.  Her luck turns when she is shortlisted for an interview, by a top accounting firm!  However, before she can leave her house, the landlord – Mr. Mutisya (Dennis Musyoka), gives her a final notice to pay her rent arrears the same morning.  Then, her neighbour – Mama Mukami (Veronica Gatuguta) – who had promised to watch her 2-month-old baby, has a campaign engagement for a local politician.  Sister Magdalene (Julisa Rowe), despite being sympathetic to Juliana, cannot allow her to leave the baby at the church, due to a ‘pandemic’ of mothers abandoning their children in the compound.  Undeterred, Juliana beats the clock and makes it for the interview – her upset baby in her arms.  A sequence of events, triggered by her baby’s cries, makes Juliana lose her promising interview.  Broken, frustrated, and holding onto sanity by a thread, she questions her love for her baby.


The making of ACT OF LOVE:


Behind the Scenes photos:

02). Luxor African Film Festival

Now in its 13th year, the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) is one of Not-For-Profit – Independent Shabab Foundation’s projects.  It was the Writer – Sayed Fouad’s, and Director – Azza Elhosseiny’s idea, as the African films are almost not screened in Egypt.  Furthermore, Luxor hardly has any cultural or artistic events, so was therefore selected to decentralise cultural or artistic events always organised in Cairo and Alexandria.  More:

03). Women In Film Awards (WIFA)

Now in its 5th year, the Women in Film Awards (WIFA) aims at bringing women filmmakers in Kenya together and providing a space where diversity of women voices, stories and creativity is equally recognised and celebrated.  More:

04). MyMovies.Africa™, by YAKWETU™ Online Limited

Exclusive Distributor, and Non-Exclusive Retailer, of ACT OF LOVE, YAKWETU™ – meaning both “Of Us” and “For Us” in Kiswahili (the most popular African language), is an Online Home Entertainment & Edutainment System – of Africa, for Africa.

Using their proprietory Kenyan-made Applications, 2023 WIPO Global Award-winning YAKWETU™ is an online Retailer and Distributor of Digital Content, from Africa, to Africa and for Africa – through a Range of thoughtfully Curated branded Services, that supply Consumers with securely Encrypted original Titles, that fairly Pays the Creators, unlike Pirated alternatives.


Released on 26th September 2019, their Poof-of-Concept is MyMovies.Africa™, as a Mobile-first Digital

Cinema Extension, offering securely Encrypted original Movies from Africa (i.e. New Releases, Classics, Features, Shorts, Animations, Documentaries, etc) on Smart Devices, including Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Smart TVs, across Africa and to her Diaspora in 195 Countries.

Its core Products are a Premium Video On Demand – PVOD (#RentFor2Days) for New Releases, Transactional Video On Demand – TVOD (#RentFor7Days), Electronic Sell Through – EST (#OwnForLife) purchase and Watch Parties via ZOOM, all Accessed here:  More:

05). LightBox Africa

LBx Africa offers Impact Production services, for both in-house and external Projects, on a consultancy basis.  As one of the few Companies in the Region, that combines Social Impact strategy and Filmmaking, we aim to create customized experiences for each Project we undertake.  We recognise that Film Distribution is not limited to Theatrical Screenings and Streaming Platforms, but can also be used as a powerful Tool to drive sustainable Change in Communities.  More:

06). Blackwell Films


Producer of ACT OF LOVE, Blackwell Films is a production company based in Nairobi – Kenya, run by Shirleen Wangari – an Actress Writer and Producer.  They provide Filmmaking services and are a licensed Film Agent.  Blackwell also acquires Film Licenses, Immigration special Passes and clears Gear for foreign Productions.  More:


Executive Producer of ACT OF LOVE, the SOME FINE DAY Pix programme is a continuation of the ONE FINE DAY FILMS Workshop series, which was founded by ONE FINE DAY FILMS, Ginger Ink Films Africa and DW Akademie in Nairobi, Kenya.  SOME FINE DAY Pix provides digital state-of-the-art training opportunities for African filmmakers.  More:

08). Ripple Productions

Director of ACT OF LOVE, Eric M. Mwangi – a Cinematographer and Director with Filmmaking experience in the Eastern and Southern African region, is also Founder of Ripple Productions.  An alumnus of the American Film Showcase documentary residency, at the University of Southern California., his goal is to bring an African perspective to the global pool of life-changing stories, thereby, contributing to the expansion of the African Cinema language.  Passionate about Filmmaking, Eric has worked with different Producers to execute Projects across multiple locations, meeting different needs with the overall goal of storytelling, achieved through efficiency and creative professionalism.


Mwangi’s projects range from Documentaries, TV Commercials and Brand Films to Short Films, working through production houses such as Zero Point Zero Productions [America], Zeleman Productions [Ethiopia], YCF Productions [Zambia], DocuBox [Kenya], One Fine Day Films [Kenya] and Some Fine Day Pix [Kenya], amongst others.

Some of his career highlights include Cinematography for the National Geographic Explorer Series on the ongoing Rhino Resurrection episode with Ami Vitale, and Documentary Filmmaker – Taylor Rees Freesolo; Cinematography for the acclaimed Zambian TV drama ‘UBUNTU’ – which is a first from that country on Showmax; working on a Netflix sizzle reel by Academy Award-winning Director – Rodger Ross William; and Emmy Award-winning Documentary TV Show by Anthony Bourdain – ‘Parts Unknown’, amongst others.


09). DocuBox East Africa Fund

Supporter of ACT OF LOVE, DocuBox exists to enable talented, driven, focused and accountable East African artists to produce unique films that unearth new realities and cross trans-national boundaries.  Through training, development and production grants and screenings for people who love documentary films, they promote East African filmmakers and share their unique stories with the world through creative documentary.  More:



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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Nail Wraps: Elevate Your Manicure Game



Light Orange Teal White Miami Dolphins Paint Splatter Nail art

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and nail care, nail wraps have emerged as a revolutionary product, offering a blend of convenience, variety, and longevity that traditional nail polishes can hardly match. Whether you’re a busy professional, a beauty enthusiast, or someone in between, nail wraps can provide you with salon-quality manicures from the comfort of your home. This comprehensive guide delves into the best nail wraps on the market, ensuring your nails always look their best without the time and expense of regular salon visits.

What Are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are thin adhesive products made from vinyl, silk, or real nail polish strips that can be applied directly to the nail to mimic a perfectly polished look. They come in a myriad of designs, from solid colors and intricate patterns to glittery finishes and holiday themes, catering to every taste and occasion.

Benefits of Nail Wraps

  • Ease of Application: Nail wraps can be applied at home in minutes, with no drying time required.
  • Durability: High-quality nail wraps can last up to two weeks, far outlasting traditional nail polish.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money on salon visits with the affordable luxury of doing your manicure at home.
  • Variety: With endless designs and textures, nail wraps offer the flexibility to express your unique style.
  • No Damage: Unlike gel or acrylics, nail wraps don’t damage the natural nail, making them a healthier option for nail art enthusiasts.

How to Choose the Best Nail Wraps

When selecting nail wraps, consider the following factors to ensure you get the best experience and value:

  • Material Quality: Look for nail wraps made from durable materials that won’t chip or fade quickly.
  • Design Variety: Choose brands that offer a wide range of designs to suit your style and preferences.
  • Ease of Application: Opt for nail wraps that are easy to apply and remove, with clear instructions provided.
  • Customer Reviews: Read reviews to gauge the satisfaction of other users with the product’s look, feel, and longevity.

Top Nail Wrap Brands ReviewedManicureFX: A Premier Choice for Nail Wraps

When it comes to finding the perfect balance between quality, variety, and ease of use, ManicureFX stands out as a leading brand in the nail wrap industry. Known for its commitment to excellence, ManicureFX offers an impressive array of designs that cater to every taste, from the minimalist lover to the pattern enthusiast. Here’s why ManicureFX is a top choice for those looking to elevate their manicure game:

  • Exceptional Quality: ManicureFX nail wraps are crafted from high-grade materials that ensure a smooth application and a lasting finish. Their wraps are designed to mimic the look and feel of a professional salon manicure, with the added benefit of not chipping or peeling midway through your week.
  • Diverse Designs: Whether you’re in the mood for classic solids, intricate patterns, or something with a bit of sparkle, ManicureFX has you covered. Their collections are regularly updated to reflect current trends and seasonal themes, ensuring your nails always look fresh and fashionable.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: For the environmentally conscious, ManicureFX offers a selection of eco-friendly nail wraps. These sustainable choices do not compromise on style or durability, allowing you to look good while doing good for the planet.
  • User-Friendly Application: One of the hallmarks of ManicureFX is the ease with which their nail wraps can be applied. Each package comes with clear, straightforward instructions, making it simple for even beginners to achieve a flawless manicure at home. Additionally, the wraps can be easily removed without damaging the natural nail, making them a safe choice for frequent use.
  • Affordability: Despite their high quality and stylish designs, ManicureFX nail wraps are priced competitively, making them an accessible option for those looking to maintain beautiful nails without breaking the bank.

Application Tips for Perfect Nail Wraps

To ensure the best results with ManicureFX nail wraps, follow these application tips:

  • Prep Your Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Gently push back your cuticles and buff the nail surface for a smooth base.
  • Choose the Right Size: Select a wrap that best fits each nail. If you’re in between sizes, go for the smaller size for a more natural look.
  • Smooth Application: After aligning the wrap with your nail bed, press down firmly, starting from the base and working your way to the edges. Use a rubber cuticle pusher to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.
  • Trim and File: Use scissors to trim any excess wrap at the tip, then gently file in a downward motion to seal the wrap around the edge of the nail.


ManicureFX nail wraps offer a perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve durable, stylish, and professional-looking manicures without the time and expense of salon visits. With their wide range of designs, high-quality materials, and user-friendly application, ManicureFX stands as a testament to innovation in nail care. By choosing ManicureFX for your next manicure, you’re not just getting a product; you’re embracing a lifestyle of beauty, convenience, and sustainability.

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Decoding Color Symbolism in Prediction Games



Prediction Games

Color prediction games, characterized by their vibrant and dynamic visuals, often rely on a palette of colors to create an engaging gaming experience. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of color symbolism within prediction games, exploring how different colors are not only visually striking but also carry unique meanings and associations. As enthusiasts increasingly seek the thrill through platforms understanding the subtle nuances of color symbolism adds an intriguing layer to the gaming journey.

Red: The Color of Passion and Risk:

In the realm of color prediction games, red often symbolizes passion and risk. Choosing the red option can evoke a sense of boldness and excitement. It is commonly associated with higher stakes and the thrill of taking chances. Platforms strategically use red to elevate the intensity of certain game play elements, inviting players to embrace risk for potentially greater rewards.

Green: A Symbol of Balance and Safety:

Green, with its associations with nature and balance, often represents a safer choice in prediction games. It conveys a sense of stability and security. Opting for green may appeal to players who prefer a more conservative approach, seeking steady progress and minimizing risks. The use of green in game design, including on platforms provides a visually calming element within the fast-paced environment.


Blue: Tranquility and Trustworthiness:

Blue is a color often associated with tranquility and reliability. In color prediction games, choosing blue may evoke a sense of trust and dependability. It can be perceived as a more calculated and thoughtful choice, appealing to players who prefer a measured and strategic approach to their predictions. Blue elements on platforms contribute to a visually soothing gaming experience.

Yellow: Symbolizing Energy and Optimism:

Yellow, with its bright and energetic demeanor, symbolizes optimism and energy in prediction games. Opting for yellow may be akin to embracing a positive and vibrant outlook. It can appeal to players who approach the game with enthusiasm and a desire for a lively and spirited experience. The inclusion of yellow elements on gaming platforms adds a dynamic and cheerful touch.

Purple: Elegance and Ambiguity:


Purple, often associated with elegance and mystery, introduces an element of ambiguity in prediction games. Choosing purple may signify a more enigmatic and unpredictable strategy. It appeals to players who enjoy the intrigue and allure of uncertainty. The integration of purple hues on platforms introduces an element of sophistication to the gaming interface.

White: Purity and Simplicity:

White, with its connotations of purity and simplicity, serves as a neutral option in prediction games. Opting for white may represent a straightforward and uncomplicated approach. It can appeal to players who prefer clarity and transparency in their gaming decisions. White elements on platforms contribute to a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Black: Sophistication and Mystery:

Black, often associated with sophistication and mystery, adds an element of intrigue to prediction games. Choosing black may suggest a more sophisticated and calculated approach to game play. It appeals to players who enjoy navigating the mysterious and complex aspects of the gaming experience. Black elements on platforms like Big Mumbai app download contribute to a sense of depth and sophistication.



In the captivating world of prediction games, the colors presented to players go beyond mere aesthetics, carrying symbolic meanings that can influence the gaming experience. Understanding the subtle nuances of color symbolism adds depth to the decision-making process, making every prediction a nuanced and engaging choice. As enthusiasts embark on their gaming journey through platforms the decoding of color symbolism enhances not only the visual appeal but also the strategic and immersive aspects of color prediction games.


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aYo Ghana launches ‘Pay and Drive” Motor Insurance Policy



Team aYo and Sanlam General Insurance in a group picture after the launch

Ghana’s leading mobile micro-insurance company, aYo Intermediaries Ghana Ltd, has partnered with Sanlam General Insurance Ltd and Mobile Money Limited to launch a new insurance product called aYo Pay and Drive Motor Insurance Policy. 

aYo Pay and Drive is an insurance policy that enables drivers to insure their vehicles as and when they want to. With this service, drivers have the freedom to pay for insurance based on their individual needs and preferences using their mobile phones. With the pay-as-you-go approach, drivers have full control over their insurance payments, making insurance more affordable and convenient. 

The insurance policy can be purchased weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly offering more flexibility to meet the evolving needs of vehicle owners.  The premium is calculated based on the selected number of days; a minimum of 7 days is required, usage of vehicle (Private or commercial) and value of vehicle. 

Customers can register for aYo Pay and Drive at to sign up. Alternatively, customers can WhatsApp 0596918235 for assistance. 

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Francis Gota, CEO of aYo Intermediaries Ghana Ltd, explained how the product is going to revolutionize the insurance industry through its convenience, accessibility, and flexibility. 


He said, “today marks a significant milestone for us at aYo after 7 years of redefining insurance in Ghana. We are proud to bring to Ghanaians a groundbreaking auto policy called ‘Pay and Drive.’ Forged through partnerships, this product symbolizes unity and our shared commitment to deliver unparalleled value to our customers. Customers are the bedrock of our business, and their support has been both motivating and instrumental in driving our passion for innovation.” 

Mabel Nana Ama Nyarkoa Porbley, CEO of Sanlam General Insurance Ltd also spoke about how the digital nature of the product will help reduce our environmental footprint. She encouraged all drivers to sign on to it. 

Chief Superintendent Alexander Kweku Obeng of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, praised the product as a commendable initiative that will assist citizens in complying with the mandatory insurance requirements in Ghana.

aYo Pay and Drive Insurance policy is crafted to meet the needs of the customers like car owners and cab drivers who cannot purchase yearly insurance cover. Valid Pay & Drive claims are paid directly to the claimant’s mobile money wallet or preferred payment platform.

aYo is committed to revolutionizing the insurance landscape in Ghana. Over the past seven years, aYo has raked in over 8.2 million individual policyholders. The company boasts of a subscriber base of over 10 million Ghanaians. So far, the company has paid out over GH¢18 million claims to over 45,000 policyholders and beneficiaries, out of which GH¢4.5 million was paid out last year.


Some of the dignitaries and stakeholders who graced the occasion included Mr. Benjamin Peh, Business Development Manager of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Nana Yaa Ago Winful, Head of Marketing – Ghinger APP Ghana, Nana Kwesi Gyan Apenteng, former Chairman of the National Media Commission, some members of the Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MOMAG) and staff of aYo, Sanlam and MTN Ghana.

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Balancing Acts: How Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Harmonize for Whole-Body Wellness



4 Common Conditions That Can Be Treated With Chiropractic Care

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the pursuit of whole-body wellness has led to integrating diverse approaches. One remarkable fusion that stands out is the harmonious combination of chiropractic care and functional medicine. In this article, we will explore the synergies between these two modalities, unveiling how their balancing acts can create a holistic approach to health, promoting well-being from the inside out.

Chiropractic Care: Aligning the Foundations

At the core of Active Edge Functional Medicine’s philosophy lies the conviction that optimal health is intricately tied to a well-functioning spine and nervous system. Practitioners at Active Edge Functional Medicine specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, utilizing manual adjustments to realign the spine. By prioritizing the attainment of equilibrium in the body’s structural foundation, Active Edge Functional Medicine aims not only to alleviate pain and enhance mobility but also to tap into the body’s innate ability to heal.

Functional Medicine: Unraveling Root Causes

Functional medicine takes a broader approach, seeking to uncover the root causes of health issues rather than merely treating symptoms. This discipline recognizes the interconnectedness of various bodily systems and embraces a holistic perspective on health. Practitioners in functional medicine conduct comprehensive assessments, considering factors like genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental influences to formulate personalized and all-encompassing treatment plans.


Harmonizing the Balancing Acts:

Comprehensive Health Assessment:

The fusion of chiropractic care and functional medicine allows a more profound understanding of an individual’s health. By combining the structural insights from chiropractic care with the holistic perspective of functional medicine, practitioners can conduct a comprehensive health assessment, navigating the intricate connections between bodily structure and overall function.

Addressing Root Causes with Structural Harmony:

While functional medicine excels at identifying root causes, adding chiropractic care enhances this approach by focusing on structural harmony. This synergistic combination aims to alleviate symptoms and correct imbalances, promoting optimal function and overall well-being.


Optimizing Structural Health for Holistic Wellness:

Chiropractic adjustments are pivotal in enhancing spinal alignment and nervous system function. When seamlessly integrated with the principles of functional medicine, this synergy optimizes structural health and the individual’s holistic well-being, promoting mobility and overall physical function.

Personalized Lifestyle Recommendations:

Functional medicine often involves personalized lifestyle modifications. Integrating chiropractic care into this wellness plan enhances these recommendations by promoting structural harmony. This combination supports individuals in adopting healthier lifestyles, contributing to overall well-being.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management:


Chiropractic care has long been acknowledged for its effectiveness in managing musculoskeletal pain. The fusion with functional medicine principles offers a more comprehensive approach to pain management by addressing structural and functional aspects. This integrated approach can lead to sustained relief from chronic pain.

Conclusion: Balancing Acts for Holistic Wellness

The harmonious blend of chiropractic care and functional medicine symbolizes a balancing act contributing to a holistic wellness approach. By combining insights into the body’s structural foundation with a comprehensive understanding of its functional intricacies, this integrated approach creates a harmonious framework for optimal health. The balancing acts of chiropractic and functional medicine empower individuals to journey toward lasting vitality and well-being, embracing a holistic view that transcends conventional healthcare boundaries.

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Unlocking Your Coaching Potential – Why Certification Is a Game-changer? A Quick Look!



Virtual Office

Do you want to pursue a career as a professional coach? The corporate world has a lot of demand for coaching professionals because of their ability to create leaders and make them realise their potential. They can also encourage the team by tapping into their blocked minds through motivation and guidance. However, you need to have proper skills and knowledge to be able to do all this. At the same time, you must have certification as a token of your competency in the coaching field. You can convince others of your talent and specialisation quickly. Seeking certification is also worth it because you can positively contribute to others’ careers, relationships, and personal growth by showing them the right path. 

Do you want to step into the coaching world? Visit Before this, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of coaching certification quickly.

  • Coaching certification overview 

A certificate will be a live testament to your training and skill-gaining experience. It will make others believe in your proficiency and services. A certification validates and recognises your coaching expertise. Everyone also understands that you underwent an entire journey of structured training and met the parameters set by well-established coaching organisations for coaches. Clients can trust you to support them to attain a specific goal.

Top coaching bodies noted that about 80% of coaches worldwide admitted clients expecting them to have credentials or certification. It is so because certificates demonstrate you followed a proper learning framework that increased your understanding of the ethical standards and practices. 

  • Requirements to become a professional coach 

You can pursue a coaching career when you have done an accredited course that gave you coaching experience under reputed mentors and passed the performance tests. However, which coaching program should you do? Like other fields, governing bodies take care of standardisation in coaching. ICF, or The International Coaching Federation, is highly praised for its coaching standards and reputation. They award certificates to professional coaches after they undertake comprehensive training and learning. In this context, one must know that ICF offers accreditation to coaching programs and doesn’t conduct one. So, you can opt for an ICF-accredited coaching education course to hone your skills and become a recognised coach. 

Each program will dedicate a certain number of hours to training to complete it within a set number of days, weeks, and months. You will qualify for a certification when you successfully attend them and clear the tests.

Some people wonder why ICF is more important than other coaching accreditation bodies. One of the main reasons is its global recognition. They also do better in practical application and performance evaluation to analyse an individual’s capacity at varying levels for a specific credential. Once certified, you can quickly look for opportunities outside Singapore to broaden your network and flourish. Your growth will be unlocked as you continue to do it for your global clients. So, find a proper course certified by ICF to carve a niche in this field. Executives and teams are waiting for your perspectives and help.

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