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VIDEO: Music, fun and sun at ‘Day N Vegas’ featuring J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Miguel and more



Ameyaw Debrah at Day N vegas

The Day N Vegas (pronounced Day In Vegas) musical festival could best be described as a showcase of the new generation of hip-hop. And though I felt lost because I didn’t know many of the acts on the lineup, I didn’t get lost in the music, sun and fun that hit Las Vegas from November 1- 3!

The mornings and evenings in Vegas were pretty cold and chilly that weekend, but the festival brought the heat with a lineup boasting of chart-toppers, to underground performers, to some newcomers, at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

The original headliners were J-Cole for Friday, Travis Scott for Saturday and Kendrick Lamar for Sunday. Travis was replaced with Future and Metro Boomin, after a knee injury. The lineup for the festival was stacked with heavy hitters drawing out thousands of people for a sold-out event!

The lineup included Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld, 6lack, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, JID, Bas, Dababy, Sheck Wes, Rich The Kid, Blueface, NLE choppa, Jay Rock, Brockhampton, Ab-Soul, Do-Ja Cat, YBN Cordae, Earth Gang,

The set up for Day N Vegas was more like a block party. There were three stages, “Jackpot” (main stage), “Roll The Dice” and “Hunnid” (the smallest stage) and from noon to midnight, these stages came alive with music, energy, fun and some fire!  Although the ‘Hunnid’ stage didn’t host any of the super big names, it actually had some of the best performers throughout the festival!

Day N Vegas however, wasn’t all about the music; there was also a spread of carnival-style, food, drink, and merchandise vendors.  Although I didn’t find a lot of spicy food, I made do with the variety available, which allowed me to try something new on each day of the festival.

Here are my highlights from the 3-day festival

Las Vegas gets its own hip-hop music festival! #DayNVegas2019

J Cole for president?

The chart-topping artist announced his 2020 campaign, “The Fall Off” during night one of the festival. Although it was a mock campaign, promoting his new album, the love he got from the hip-hop fraternity on the night made it seem he good truly take over from Trump! There were supporters who came out in their campaign gear and paraphernalia.

The heavyweight lyricist, set the tone for the rest of the weekend, performing his own hits and showing love to the whole Dreamville Records family as well as surprising the crowd by bringing out Da Baby to perform his hit song, “Suge.”

Cole was the only headliner I saw during the festival. Saturday’s lineup got chaotic with the rampant changes in times and stages, and so I couldn’t see Future and most of the other acts on the bill. I left after seeing Migos and missed out on A Boogie with da Hoodie, Lil Nas X etc.

And on Sunday, I had a flight to catch back to New Jersey. So I left without seeing Kendrick Lamar and Tyler The Creator.

The Surprises

As I stated from the beginning, there were many artists on the bill that I didn’t know (most of them were underground performers, but yes there were some big names that I only discovered at Day N Vegas!).

Harry Mack was one of the first performers to kick off the Day N Vegas festival on Day 1.  He didn’t look anything like a ‘stereotypical rapper’ (and he is white) so I didn’t give him much of a chance. But the guy can freestyle like nobody’s business, incorporating the audience into his set. In fact, he even rapped about me using a stabilizer to video him from the crowd!

Believe it or not, I had never heard of Megan Thee Stallion. And well, she was nothing shot of what the current image of a top female emcees is; raunchy and raw! She took on the “Roll The Dice” stage on Sunday night, attracting a huge crowd. In fact I left the ‘Jackpot’ stage because my friends from Ghana wanted to go and see her set.

I soon realized that although I knew and loved the hit song “Hot Girl Summer”, it didn’t belong to Nicki Minaj as I thought. Megan wore a hot outfit, entertaining the crowd.  She handpicked some fans from the crowd to join her up on stage, and well…show the crowd, why they were hot girls and hot boys. They played a game called Simon Says and there was a lot of twerking!!!!

My ultimate surprise was discovering R&B artist, Choker. His eclectic style and coded lyricism likens him to Frank Ocean. The song ‘Lucky’ immediately became a favourite and the line ‘…try my love don’t try my trust’ echoed in my head after hearing it!

I also experienced new music from Rockstar JB, Seezyn, Leroyce, Saba, Lute, $NOT, Kiana Lede,Lil Raven, Roy Blair and many others.

The fusion

Day N Vegas was not all hip-hop, it was a good reflection on how the genre lends itself to smooth fusions and collaborations with other genres.  Miguel brought in some R&B vibes on Friday night.

On Sunday, Singer Zacari and his four-piece band (The Throwaways) delivered velvety vocals for numbers like “Midas Touch,” “Don’t Trip” and the Black Panther soundtrack entry “Redemption.”  He also wowed the crowd with a cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and wrapped up his beautifully moody set with “Ten Outta Ten,” and the Kendrick Lamar-collaboration, “LOVE.”. His set was probably the most packed I had seen at the ‘Hunnid’ stage, and it was also the farthest I ever was from a stage!

If you thought hip-hop only mixed well with R&B you would be wrong! I also discovered the very difficult to describe music of Hippie Sabotage, comprising brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer. Their music is a mix of Indie music, Instrumental music and electric music.

The Inclusion

Who would have thought a few years ago that there would be a hip-hop festival in Las Vegas, and feature artists from Africa? Yes, we weren’t left out of the Day N Vegas history!

On Day 1, Goldlinks who mentioned on stage that he is of a Cuban and Nigerian heritage during his set brought on stage Nigerian singer Rema (who was originally scheduled to close the ‘Roll The Dice’ stage that night). Rema performed his hit song, ‘Dumebi’ to my delight, as well as the crowd.

On Sunday, Nigerian-born rapper-singer also mounted the ‘Roll The Dice’.

The Confusion & Conclusion

Most new festivals have their victories and hiccups.  The lineup for Day N Vegas was absolutely insane and perhaps the organizers were overwhelmed despite their experience with putting together concerts and festivals including Coachella!

I felt lost whenever performers were late, or stages had a set or time change. That was why I left early on Saturday and missed the headliner. Walking from stage to stage at these festivals can take a tow on you… my body was tired and the chaos was more stress on me, so I had to go and rest.

The recurring sound issues felt more rampant on Day 3.  Boogie unfortunately had to cut his set 15 minutes short due to his equipment overheating. Reason also experienced several hiccups during his set.

Parking was also an issue. There was no on-site parking, many surrounding casinos closed their doors to festivalgoers and rideshare seemed to be a sole option, although we had to walk for quite a distance before we could find them.  The only option close to the festival grounds was Taxi, and I found out on Sunday, on my way to the airport, that it wasn’t a bad option at all.

The taxi driver was friendly and gave me a few tourist tips as we passed the Strip. He liked playing blackjack and gave me some tips about which casinos offer the lowest limits and best rules. I was more interested in the history of the place.

Overall, the show made waves for the Las Vegas music scene and I am happy I was part of something new and that grand!


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9 ways to protect the house from UV rays



In this article, you will get to know about the ideas from which you can protect your house from the rays. By getting unique and different ideas you can change your house outlook. And decor your house with it. Let’s discuss this in detail.


What are UltraViolet rays?

Ultraviolet rays are the direct rays that come from the sun. These rays can cause harm to many things. It is a must that one has to take the necessary steps to get rid of the UV rays. House is also one kind of thing which can get affected from the UV rays. You must need some techniques from which you can protect your house. Read the article below for different ideas.


What are the different ways to protect the house from UV rays?

When one built a house the first thing he keeps in mind is how they can protect their house from the sun’s rays? So, here we come with the unique ways from which you can be beneficial. You can apply the shades to protect the house’s furniture and color from the rays. Some of the ways are:


  1. Window shades:

One of the best options to protect your house from UV rays is to apply window shades. You can choose any type of shade which will look suitable. These shades can be very helpful to you. For this, you can refer to the silhouette shades. The shades are the best ones which can give 88% protection from light.


  1. Shift the furniture to a different location:

Another option is that you can move the furniture. The reason behind this is that some people want sunlight in their house. This also protects your furniture from the rays. But this is not a permanent option because it is not easy to shift the furniture on a regular basis.


  1. Window films:

You can choose the window films which can easily be handed to the window of your house. These window films can protect the house from UV rays. You can take the help of professionals to get it installed in the house. And within a short period, it is a must that you can replace these window films.


  1. Curtains:

Curtains are the more popular choice of people to cover their house. And such curtains can also help to protect the house from UV rays. These curtains can protect a half ratio from the sunlight. You can choose these to give a new look to the house.


  1. Replacement of window screens:

While the old window screens can get damaged with the sun rays. You can also replace these window screens. And apply the new screen according to the trending. There are some bug screens which give protection. 


  1. Tinted windows:

The permanent solution to get rid of the UV rays is to replace your windows. Such is getting covered with the tiny metallic oxides which can protect the house from the UV rays. This also keeps your room warm on the winter days. The cost of these shades is high but it gives more protection and security to the house.


  1. Fabric and colors:

One of the methods to protect your house from UV rays is to select the best color of the furniture. Some dark colored furniture will get dull easily. And does not look quite good. So, you can choose some of the light-colored furniture which can not get damaged easily. 


  1. Roofing material:

It is not possible to remove all sunlight from the rooms of your house. For this, you can choose the roofing material. You have to choose the right siding material for the protection of the house. Must choose the lighter shades which keep the house cool. And must apply the best sealants for its best use.


  1. Cover hardwood floors:

The next option is to cover the floors. Because such hardwood floors are very expensive and get easily damaged with the sunlight. 


Above are some of the ways to prevent the house from UV rays.



These are some of the ways in which you can protect the house from UV rays. Silhouette shades are the best option for the house. These shades will not only provide protection for the house. But it also helps in maintaining the furniture colors of the house.


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How can music, dance and art help improve air pollution?



Music, dance, art and storytelling have allowed an international team of researchers to reveal aspects of air pollution in Nairobi that would not have been identified otherwise.

Air pollution is a well-documented major human health issue, but despite many air pollution reduction policies designed to improve health, these are frequently ineffective. Often this is because they fail to account for local knowledge, cultural practices and priorities of the intended recipients. Evidence suggests that top-down interventions often fail and therefore people should be put at the centre of developing ways around the problem.

Designing meaningful solutions requires in-depth exploration of the relevant issues with stakeholders.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth, together with researchers and practitioners from the UK, Kenya and Sweden, worked collaboratively with local residents in the informal settlement of Mukuru in Nairobi, Kenya to develop a range of methods including storytelling, music, art and theatre to explore understandings of air pollution. Their findings are published in Nature Humanities and Social Sciences Communications this week.

One of the authors of the study, Dr Cressida Bowyerfrom the University of Portsmouth, says: “For the first time, a study has placed arts and humanities methods at the centre of the exploration of perceptions of air pollution. Our research has pushed the boundaries between disciplines, between research and action, and between experts by education and experts by experience.

“Working with local communities, we were able to uncover contrasting definitions of air pollution, differing perceptions of who was responsible for enacting solutions, and overall a view that air pollution cannot be seen in isolation from the other issues faced by settlement residents.”

The use of these creative methods meant the researchers were able to explore the issue of air pollution with a wide range of stakeholders.  The methods enabled local knowledge and experiences to be incorporated into the understanding of the issue, and allowed the voices of those living with the problem to be heard.

Some examples of creative methods include:

  • Community members made digital stories by taking photographs around Mukuru which, when stitched together and combined with their voiceover, told their story of air pollution.

  • Trained community researchers facilitated school children to create drawn and/or written stories of their experiences of air pollution.

  • Theatre pieces were presented in key community spaces around Mukuru including at a market, a community centre and a football ground. Suggestions were given by the audience about how to resolve the problem and spectators acted out their proposals as part of the theatre.

  • The song ‘Mazingira’ by the Mukuru Kingz, has been played on national radio and television stations with an estimated reach of three million people. The song lyrics explain the problems of air pollution.

Dr Sarah West, Principal Investigator at the Stockholm Environment Centre, says: “From this range of methods we have gained a more complex and nuanced understanding of how air pollution is perceived and understood in Mukuru. The project also created new spaces and forums for dialogue and critical reflection on the topic of air pollution in the community.

“We urge other researchers wishing to address multifactorial problems, such as air pollution, to use a mixture of qualitative, participatory and creative methods to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. This can elicit new and unexpected understandings that may not otherwise emerge.”

Researchers concluded that using creative methods and a collaborative, co-created approach, allowed them to reveal aspects of air pollution that they would not otherwise have identified, and led to a more complex, nuanced and holistic understanding.

This project is part of the Air Network.  For further information please contact:

Emma Gaisford, Media Officer, University of Portsmouth, email: 07889 504483



The University of Portsmouth is a progressive and dynamic university with an outstanding reputation for innovative teaching and globally significant research and innovation.

It was rated ‘Gold’ in the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and was ranked in the top 150 under 50 in the world according to the Times Higher Education rankings.

The University’s research and innovation culture is impacting lives today and in the future and addressing local, national and global challenges across science, technology, humanities, business and creative industries.

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Wildaland: Davido, Stonebwoy, R2bees And Over 2o Top Acts Set To Headline “Africa’s Glastonbury”



A stellar line-up of Afrobeats stars across Ghana and Nigeria have been announced for the inaugural WILDALAND Festival, slated for the Shai Forest Reserve in the Greater Accra Region on 26th and 27th December.

Christened as “Africa’s Glastonbury”, the WILDALAND festival is a music and entertainment lifestyle festival and seeks to provide a distinctive entertainment experience that will merge the best of both African audiences in the wild every December in Ghana.


The festival, which will see the grand return to live events, will also be characterised by ultra-immersive real-time social content. Davido, R2Bees and Stonebwoy have been named as headliners for this year’s edition. Joining Nigeria’s roster are Adekunle Gold, Omah Lay, JoeBoy, Oxlade, Buju, Lojay, CKay, and Ruger.


Completing Ghana’s contingent are KiDi, Kuami Eugene, Black Sherrif,  Gyakie, Wendy Shay,  Kwabena Kwabena, Camidoh, Yaw Tog and Kofi Jamar.


The organisers say the festival, an experiential haven, adds to a growing portfolio of year-end activities that allow Africa’s massive diaspora audiences to meet their resident African middle-class counterparts at some of the continent’s biggest parties in Ghana. “Having played home to most of the widely patronised entertainment experiences, Ghana has become the hub for Pan-African expressions; enhanced by the recent ‘Year of Return’ programme among many others.  

“From accreditation points, through the wild drive, Champagne Garden, to the marketplace, Hot air baloons, WILDALAND Camping Sites, VVIP Decks to the main stage, the WILDALAND Festival will provide endless, exciting, and rewarding experiential opportunities for the fan and every brand.” the founder of the festival, Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu indicated.

“ Aside the main stage, The WILDALAND FESTIVAL also offers an array of exciting programs such as the Jungle pre & After parties with a line-up of the most exciting breakout musicians and top African and global DJs, breakfast parties, Hiking, hot air balloons, Abseiling at The Adomi Bridge,  Camping in the wild and endless music from our top DJ’s and headline acts” Baba Sadiq further commented.

Meanwhile, aside from being a 48-hour non-stop celebration of culture, the festival is also running with the vision of protecting the forest, wildlife, and amplifying wildlife conservation via its #PartyWiththePlanet campaign that requires festival attendants to take a pledge to protect the forest and wildlife whilst taking actions at the festival to assert that.

Buy tickets and access full event routing here: or

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The Jollof Festival returns to Accra, December 11



After taking the year 2020 off, Africa’s leading celebration of Jollof, The Jollof Festival returns in 2021 – scheduled to take place at the City Galleria Mall (Behind the Accra Mall) on 11th December 2021.

The continent’s biggest Jollof event, The Jollof Festival 2021 will see thousands of food lovers come together to eat and drink from an extensive selection served up by some of the best chefs, restaurants, and street food vendors in Accra – promising to be bigger than previous editions, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

This year’s Jollof Festival is a specially curated culinary experience dedicated to celebrating Ghana’s beautiful gastronomy, inspiring fellow Africans to discover new tastes and recipes, promoting the Ghanaian delicacy’s authenticity and highlighting the role of food in Ghanaian Culture by bringing together a vast number of food lovers, and treating them to a mouth-watering array of Jollof, in addition to bites and sips from a dynamic selection of Accra’s celebrity chefs, hobbyist / influencer cooks and local vendors.

A major highlight of the festival is the crowning of the Celebrity/Influencer Jollof Cookoff – a title reserved for the cook with the best tasting Jollof at the event’s Jollof cooking competition, which allows influencer cooks to showcase their cooking skills with customized / special recipes. As part of our efforts to make this year’s competition more exciting, we are inviting both male and female celebrities/ influencers as contestants. The winner of the Jollof cooking competition stands to win products from our prestigious sponsors: OLAM Ghana, makers of Tasty Tom Tomato Paste and the Tasty Tom Jollof Mix, Malta Guinness, and Wilmar Africa, makers of Frytol Vegetable cooking oil, Fortune Rice and Myst Water.

Our carefully selected / curated entertainment set features some of Accra’s rising artistes like RiaBoss, Tommywa, Suzan Augustt and a full-on Jam session with a DJ set in the evening. Additional attractions will include, face painting and cotton candy for the children (and young at heart), board games, football tables and FIFA (gaming consoles) for adults.

The Jollof Festival 2021 is proudly sponsored by Tasty Tom Tomato Paste, Frytol Cooking oil, Malta Guinness, Fortune Rice, Myst Water , EIB Network, Ameyaw Debrah, Telande World, Pulse Ghana  and Echohuse


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Johnnie Walker Premieres ‘The Ones Who Keep Walking’ film made by Africans for Africa



Johnnie Walker, the world’s best-selling-Scotch, and Forbes 30 under 30 filmmaker, Amarachi Nwosu premiere their new feature film – The Ones Who Keep Walking – which showcases inspiring stories of the creators and collectives who are turning the attention of the world to Africa.


Through never heard stories and in-depth conversations, the documentary reveals how fresh creative energy, sheer determination, and a pioneering spirit is bringing authentic African expression to the world.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ameyaw Debrah (@ameyaw112)

The documentary features more than 20 defiantly optimistic voices across Africa including Legendary photographer James Barnor (Ghana), Bose Ogulu AKA Mama Burna (Nigeria) manager-mother to global superstar and Johnnie Walker partner, Burna Boy, and self-taught artist Nana Danso Awuah-Asante (Ghana).


This new feature film is part of an ongoing global roll-out of the next chapter in their iconic Keep Walking campaign and a follow-up to the release of The Man Who Walked Around the World in November 2020.


Additionally, it sets out to explore what the next 200 years of Keep Walking can look like and explores what happens when people can liberate themselves creatively, and the rich vibrant world it creates when there are those freedoms.


Lesego Lebogang Mohale, Category Marketing Manager (International Premium Spirits &RTDs), Guinness Ghana in her comments to the media said: “At Johnnie Walker, we are always looking to celebrate the stories of those who push the boundaries. That spirit of defiant optimism and the legacy of Keep Walking – two little words that have been inspiring people across the world for more than 20 years – has never felt more important than they do just now.”


“We’re delighted to have partnered with Amarachi Nwosu to share these incredible stories through The Ones Who Keep Walking. The Ghanaians featured in the documentary are pioneers who have taken bold steps and have inspired others, and we are so proud to take this journey with them,” she added.


Produced by Something™ Originals and a team of 200+ creatives and talent from across Africa, The Ones Who Keep Walking picks up on the closing provocation of The Man Who Walked Around the World – ‘what’s next?’ – to shine a light on those who embody the spirit of Keep Walking and who, on their terms, are forging a bold new direction for their countries, cultures and the World.


The Media-led premiere will be happening in Kumasi to spread the message of ‘The Ones Who’ across multiple walks of life. You can watch the trailer for The Ones Who Keep Walking here:


Official Hashtags: #JohnnieWalker #KeepWalking #TheOnesWho


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Meet Kafui Prebbie, the Techaide CEO improving ICT education across Ghana



For developing countries, ICT is a rich investment and one man is leading the charge to ensure students across Ghana have access to practical and impactful ICT education. (more…)

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