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“Unfaithfulness Is a Big Deal to Me” – Eazzy warns Keiita



Ghanaian female rapper and singer, Eazzy also known as Mildred from the ongoing Big Brother Stargame has returned to her home-country since her eventful exit from the Big Brother Africa game a couple of weeks ago. Looking back at her stay in the Big Brother House with fondness, Mildred says she is resolved to conquer Africa with her music through the exposure she received on the show.

Mildred, who left Big Brother with a bad hair day that resulted in her becoming the first housemate to refuse to show up on stage after eviction in the 7-season history of the show, talks about how the Ghanaians  and her fan reacted to her action and reveals how she would deal with her boyfriend, Keitta  if he should cheat on her with any of the girls in the Big Brother House.
How did you feel when you left the big brother house? It was a warm feeling for me to coming back home to my career and everyday life filled with business deals, interviews, shows and meetings. In short, active day life felt good! How have your fans been reacting to your stint in the BBA house?
My fans were appreciative of my term in the house! Many have ‘facebooked’ and tweeted at me telling me how happy they were to know the normal and indoor side of me. With the little I did in the house with our various presentations, they are proud of me!
What messages are you sending back on these social networks? The messages I send on social networks are mainly about the present, about my new singles “Go Go Wind’ featuring Jupita and ‘Rock This Party’ featuring Kwaw Kesse . I hardly tweet about the Big Brother house;  I’m a present person. Do you feel that Ghanaian public has been harsh to you and their comments about how you exited the game? No, not at all! There have few instances where people have been extreme with their offensive and judgmental comments on my social sites as if I promised them otherwise before going into Big Brother Africa. In general most people made fun about the hair saga. Hype doesn’t last too long in Ghana, it is past and gone. People have forgotten about it and I laugh over it now.
Has your participation in Big Brother Stargame affected your music career positively? Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s shot me up to the bigger African stage! It has made promotion of my music easier. A lot of foreign deals have come through. ‘Wengeze’ is now a big tune in South Africa. I must say thanks to God for leading me through the right pat, it is yielding great results.
Do you watch your Keitta in the Big Brother house and what are his chances of winning the game? Yes, I watch him! I think he’s doing great in the game! If I am to measure his personality in the house, I see him at the finals, which is one step to winning.  Unless God’s will is otherwise!
 How do you find the way he is handling the female housemates? Pretty well! He’s friendly towards them, that’s his nature.
Is it true that you would dump him if he gets intimate with any of the girls? I never said that
So you would forgive him if it happens? Unfaithfulness is a big deal to me. I don’t see any forgiveness in that but dump is a strong word; I’d never use that on him!What new projects are you working post Big Brother Africa? I am working on the promotion of my new singles and doing some strong recordings and finishing of my second album which features several great guest artistes. There is also a European tour, shooting of videos and a lot of other stuffs. It is mainly all about my career and placing it higher on the African map.

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