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What Are the Ways to Prevent Hip Fractures?



Hip fractures are serious and the chances of occurrence are high in people over 50 years of age. This is because, after that age, the body starts losing bones continuously while making them weak. Thus, even a slight slip or fall could result in a fracture. Trauma Implants like Bone Screws, Bone Plates, Dynamic Hip Screw, and Cannulated Screws for Hip Fracture may be used to fix the condition.

It is seen that a high percentage of people who have suffered from hip fractures are unable to walk properly and make movements involving the hip joint like sitting, standing, and bending. Thus, it is important to take some measures to avoid getting hip fractures and this is what we are going to discuss in this post.


Tips to Prevent Hip Fractures



Be Extra Cautious While Doing Something

As you know that people over 50 years of age are more prone to getting hip fractures as the body starts shedding bone after a certain age, thus, it is important for elderly people to be extra cautious while doing any work and even walking. This is something that’ll reduce the major risk of getting fractured. Even while bathing, watch your steps to avoid slipping on the wet ground.


Maintain Bone Health with Regular Screening


The second most important thing to avoid hip fracture is to maintain strong bones and screen their health regularly. This is important for people of all age groups as even young ones could get fractured easily if their bones are weak. For screening, it is important to consult a specialist as he/she could also suggest you some supplements and a diet plan that’ll help strengthen bones while reducing the chances of hip fracture. Utilizing resources such as Ortho Bracing for additional support can also be beneficial.


Muscle Strength is Important too

Around 90 percent of hip fracture cases reported are because of falls and that could be due to imbalance while walking, running, or doing other activities. To reduce the risk of falls, tumbles, and slips, it is important to improve muscle strength, balance, and endurance. For that, regular exercise is the key. You must also know that low physical activity and lack of exercise increase the risk of osteoporosis and that could also be the reason for fracture. So, make it a daily routine to exercise at least an hour a day to prevent hip fracture and other orthopedic-related conditions.



Take Healthy Diet

A diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and other essential nutrients will also help prevent hip fractures. All these nutrients play an important role in building bone mass and maintaining optimum bone density. Here, elderly people are required to be extra careful as, if the calcium level in their body decreases, loss of bones could become rapid. One can also take the help of a specialist for a proper diet chart and avoid any confusion.



These are some of the defining ways by which the chances of hip fractures can be reduced. These types of injuries are painful and surgical treatment is often required. To avoid all this, some changes in your lifestyle need to be made and they are mentioned above. For international standard quality orthopedic implants required for hip fractures, contact Siora Surgicals, a reliable Orthopaedic Products Manufacturer in India. It is also looking to become one of the best Orthopaedic Companies in France for supplying CE-certified range of implants.

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