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Why Are Battle Ropes Exercises Becoming Popular?



Have you ever been to a gym? If yes, you must have noticed thick and heavy ropes tossing around. Do you know what this rope is called? Battle rope, or you can also say fitness rope. Many people use these ropes to build intense strength and burn their calories.

You might think that it is easy to swing these ropes up and down. But that is far from reality. It is quite challenging to lift and toss these heavy ropes, and that too for more than a few seconds. Sounds interesting, right? If you want to learn more about these battle ropes and the benefits they offer, you have come to the right place. Here we have come up with the reasons to tell you why these ropes are gaining immense popularity. Let’s get started.

Full body workout – If you want to do a full-body workout, there is no better option than battle ropes. It targets almost every muscle of your body, including shoulders, arms, abdominals, and upper and lower body. As per a study, working out with battle ropes three times every week for six weeks can result in considerable improvement in your core strength and upper body. You can follow a wide variety of exercises with battle ropes to target different muscle groups. 

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Improves cardiovascular fitness – Doing a workout with battle ropes requires your heart to pump blood quickly to all the working muscles. It could be the reason to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Just doing it for 10 minutes 3-4 times a day can have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health. As it is a vigorous activity, it has the ability to burn a lot of calories in a short span of time. 

Enhance athletic performance – If you are an athlete, you must have been well-versed with the importance of working out with these fitness ropes. Inculcating battle rope exercises into your sports training regime can improve your athletic performance to a large extent. Training with fitness ropes regularly can enhance your chest pass speed, jump height, and core endurance.

Low impact – Are you the one who is having injuries in your lower body or don’t prefer high-impact workouts? If yes, battle ropes could be your thing. The most traditional fitness rope exercises only require your feet to be planted on the floor. Thus, it can enhance your cardiovascular health without impacting your lower body. 

Can be done while sitting down – Some people find it hard to stand up. If you are among those, you don’t have to worry. You can consider using battle ropes while sitting on a chair. You will still be able to get a lot of benefits while sitting and doing the exercise. In fact, you must be surprised to know that whether you perform the battle rope exercise while standing or sitting, it still can take your aerobic fitness a notch higher.


To sum it up

Now that you have known the reasons for the popularity of battle ropes, why not try them and let yourself experience the benefits?

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