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Yvonne Okoro slams KOD over comments about the woman John Dumelo chose to marry



John Dumelo and girlfriend Mawunya are having their traditional wedding in Lashibi, Accra today and social media has been buzzing. KOD on Thursday evening after having a phone conversation with John Dumelo took to Facebook to congratulate him for finally deciding to marry. KOD in his post did not just wish John and his wife-to-be a good luck but also talked against ladies who are seen all over social media. He questioned why John Dumelo would settle with a quiet lady instead of choosing one of the loud young ladies on social media. He later aadvised Ghanaian ladies to learn from Mr. Dumelo’s case because “men want women who can make a home but not be all over”. It seems this from KOD did not go down well with actress/TV host and movie producer Chinyere Yvonne Okoro. Miss Okoro in a sharp reply to KOD’s post described it as needless. Yvonne believes the media mogul should have just gone ahead to congratulate the soon-to-be couples instead of insulting other ladies. “Kofi, @nineteen57bykod you could have congratulated the couple without needlessly denigrating other women. Who a man chooses to be with is a matter of personal preference and vice versa for women too. As you clearly believe that women should make all their life choices with marriage always being at the forefront of their minds, you should preach the same to men. I pray that young women would be raised to believe that they can achieve their dreams(working hard,and being KNOWN)and being also the perfect bride for some man one day,this goes for the man too. PS-A quiet and unknown woman does not equate a happy and successful marriage.I know many KNOWN women that are working hard and are all over the place yet great wives and mothers too!! Happy marriage @johndumelo1.See you soon!” Yvonne Okoro reacted to KOD’s post on instagram.]]>


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