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5 Apps You Should Try on Your Nintendo Switch



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The Nintendo Switch was first released on March 3, 2017, and is now a little over three years old. An important feature of the Nintendo Switch is its distinctive home-and-away design that enables you to play your games while waiting for the line somewhere or in front of your TV. It’s a convenient gadget, especially for commuters with a very busy way of life.


When the company first launched its new gaming console, many people went into a wild spin. Having a portable gaming console, modifying it from being handheld to dock in just a few seconds, was something that everyone wished for a long time. Today, the Nintendo Switch is as well known as the other gaming consoles.


The other great thing about the Nintendo Switch is its large quantity of games. The console saw one of the best libraries in gaming history in just its first year, and a lot of other must-have games are being released each month.


Even with the nearing release of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch is still the most captivating console today, and it has a lot of amazing games on the list. Other than the Nintendo Switch games to play, you should also try these apps on your console. So, here are some of the apps that you can access on your Nintendo Switch.

Coloring Book

Just as the name of the app suggests, this app lets you color images in pages. We experience stress and anxiety daily, with a lot of deadlines to chase, and the problems you see on various social media sites. Coloring has been known to be a therapeutic way of relieving yourself with these stress and anxieties.


You might say that you can just buy a physical coloring book and a few coloring materials, right? This is just something that you can do in a much easier way, and that wouldn’t require you to have and carry anything physically. The best feature that this app has is that it lets you control how you color the images, whether you want to adjust the colors of your shade and choose from 89 different colors.


It even lets you express your creativity in a blank canvass, or choose from 62 accessible images for you to color. You can either do it alone or together with up to four of your friends. Although the app doesn’t give you full control over the images you color, it will never let you commit a mistake and color outside the lines. Well, who would want to color outside the lines, right?


While most people are subscribed to Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, Nintendo Switch has already partnered with another streaming app called Hulu. Hulu has a lot of great movies and TV shows for you to binge-watch on. They also have their originals such as the “Castle Rock,” “Marvel’s Runaways,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and so much more. 


The app also lets you watch live TV just with the use of your Nintendo Switch. The Hulu app on your Nintendo Switch is very similar to the Hulu app on your smartphone and lets you do just about the very same things. You can look for movie or TV show titles by tapping on the search function, add favorites on your list, and browse by categories or genres.


It is important to note that you will still need to have a paid subscription to access the app. For a low price of $8 each month, you can have access to Hulu’s full library, but the catch is there are still advertisements. So, if these ads bother you, you should opt for the $12 monthly option.


Have you ever wanted to read some comics on your Nintendo Switch? Then InkyPen should be your next go-to app on your Nintendo Switch. Comics have been a great way of entertaining the majority of the people since the 1930s. Now that you can watch your favorite superhero in certain movies, the popularity of comics has been steadily increasing again.


With the use of InkyPen, you are able to access your favorite comics from well-known publishers, the DC Comics, and the Marvel Comics. The app has a friendly user interface, which only means that you won’t be having any difficulty navigating through the app. You can easily find the comic book that you have been looking for, and can even save them for later viewing.


If you have been living under a rock or in a cave, you might not have heard about this app. But there is a good chance that you’re not living in such conditions, right? The app doesn’t need any introduction anymore. We are sure that you have already used this to entertain yourself or just want to watch some videos.


The YouTube on your gaming console isn’t that much different from the one on your smartphone. It lets you easily search various videos, and lets you watch it on a larger screen if your console is docked. We think that you already know that YouTube doesn’t cost you for watching videos, right? 

KORG Gadget

Music enthusiasts and music creators will surely love this app called the KORG Gadget. This app is a well-known program that lets you create your own music, and now Nintendo Switch users have access to this app as well. Using KORG Gadget, you are able to create your own music with the aid of various synthesizers.


Using this app lets you improve and enhance your skills in producing music. Even though the app doesn’t let you import or export your music to the world, you can share your creation with other users of the Nintendo Switch.

Utilize your Nintendo Switch with these apps

Even though the main reason why you bought a Nintendo Switch is to play games, these apps still deserve some attention as well. For all the times when you are too lazy to get your smartphone while playing, your Nintendo Switch will help you with what you need. Other than being able to offer a little bit of convenience, these apps also have a great value to offer.



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Dr. Thomas Mensah, Dentaa Amoateng, H.E Anne-Sophie and 9 Mind-Blowing Speakers Shared Ideas at TEDxSpintex Hosted by Hyperlink Africa



IMG 9628

The most anticipated TEDxSpintex happened on Friday night at the Untamed Empire. A night of mind-blowing ideas shared on the TEDx stage. (more…)

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This Week On Twitter: Eloswag wins BBNaija HoH again, Twitter launches ‘Spotlight Location’, Chirp Dev Challenge and many more



e6aa9626adb8b868e3f625fc8f36c379 scaled

Get the latest news in music, movies, sports, entertainment and more on Twitter. Here is a recap of some of the trending stories during this week on #TwitterGhana.

Twitter “Spotlight Location” offers business presence for professionals

Professionals, be it content creators, small business or big brands can now strengthen their presence and showcase their products to customers on Twitter to drive results that move their business forward. Here is a Tweet by the social networking platform on how it’s making this possible through its latest feature known as ‘Location Spotlight’. Some media outlets such as Ameyaw Debrah has  Tweeted about this amazing feature. It is indeed a great time to be a content creator on Twitter!



Chirp Developer Challenge x Twitter is on!

The Chirp Dev Challenge is on and developers across Ghana are encouraged to join in for a chance to win great prizes valued at over $520,000 and be featured at the Chirp Developer Conference on November 16 in San Francisco. Hacklab Foundation shared a Tweet on how to participate by sharing your innovative idea building an app using Twitter’s API v2 to unlock new experiences for people on Twitter. Give it a go and inspire other developers! #ChirpDevChallenge.


BBNaija 2022: Eloswag wins HoH again with seven housemates up for possible eviction

It’s getting hot in Biggie House as housemates from level 1 & 2 battle out for the Head of the House (HoH) title each week. Eloswag has yet again won the week 4 Level Up HoH. Big Brother this time around gave the Head of House an opportunity to nominate from Level 1 or Level 2 house and he chose level 2. Eloswag nominated Kess, Modella, Chizzy, Pharmsavvy,  Kess, Daniella, Amaka, and Groovy. Watch highlights of Eloswag’s nominations via this video. A BBN fan commenting on Twitter said, “Eloswag will be wondering why 7 people this time around”. Meanwhile, you’re missing out if you haven’t followed ShowmaxNG where you can get all the daily highlights and gist happening on the reality show. Good job Eloswag!

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Global Citizen Festival is coming to Accra

Get ready for an epic line up of musicians including Usher, Gyakie and Sarkodie as they take the stage on September 24 at Black Star Square when the Global Citizen Africa festival comes to Accra. The movement, which aims to change the world through music and address some of the world’s biggest issues, made the announcement via this  tweet on their official Twitter handle. Start getting your dance moves ready people!

Asamoah Gyan targets Black Stars Return at Qatar 2022

In an exciting interview with BBC World Service Sport, Ghana’s football legend, Asamoah_Gyan told John Bennett of his dreams to be called to play at the World Cup in Qatar which stirred up varied reactions from netizens. The football icon shared that though he hasn’t spoken to the leadership of the Ghana Black Stars, he has started training. Here is a snippet of the interview. Reacting to the news, Social Media influencer @AsieduMends tweeted asking Ghanaians about their thoughts. Citi Sports also Tweeted. Catch more of the heated reactions by football fans here.


Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. To learn more, visit and follow @Twitter. Let’s talk.

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Everything you need to know about Delta 8 Pre-rolls




Delta 8 is getting in popular among cannabis producers, especially with edibles and, more specifically, Gummies. Delta 8 items are more and more being added to customers’ shopping carts due to new flavors being developed and more concentrated versions being created. Before we get to the top (and the top of our customers’) brands, it’s crucial to learn more regarding Delta 8 products in general.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC can be a natural substance found in hemp in very small amounts but is converted in the lab with CBD in greater quantities for use in various products. Due to the fact that Delta 8 is derived from hemp chemicals, it is legal in our federal government. Federal law bans products that have over 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC but there is no restriction on Delta 8.

The most popular type of THC cannabinoid in marijuana is beta 9, also known as delta 9. That’s why marijuana is known to have health benefits as well as a powerful psychoactive effect, but also with adverse effects such as anxiety, and paranoia. CBD is well-known for its renowned reputation of offering health benefits (sleep issues, anxiety, general well-being, body pain) which you can take pleasure in without the mental jitters or the high from THC.

Delta 8 has pros and cons, what are they?

It has garnered a dedicated audience due to the fact that it gives a psychoactive high, but also has health benefits. It is possible to eliminate certain negative side effects by using Delta 9 (paranoia and anxiety). While Delta 9 does not produce as much intoxication as Delta 9 (less intoxication), it is equally potent.

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However, it’s distinct. It may bring euphoric physical relaxation, as well as mental peace to your mind. You can learn more about Delta 8 THC in our full blog on its benefits.

The advantages of the use of DELTA 8

The utilization of Delta 8, in general, is a fantastic way to reap the advantages of THC in addition to an intense high in psychoactive levels without the unpleasant negative consequences like anxiety or anxiety. Certain benefits include the ability to relax, stimulate your appetite, and anxiety-reducing anti-inflammatory effects that keep your mind in a state of calm. It’s high but without blurred vision.

Delta 8 Pre-rolls

Infused with delta-8, delta-8 pre-rolls are made from hemp flower infused with delta-8 (CBD or CBG flower). The most sought-after pre-rolls consist of pre-rolled cigarettes.

What are the purposes that Delta 8 pre-rolls do?

Delta 8 THC creates the same euphoric effects but is not as strong as Delta 9. Delta 8 prerolls. The one you prefer the most will provide the same benefits as our most loved ones, but they’re completely different! The most frequent outcomes are happiness as well as joy and relief from physical pain.


Delta-8 pre-rolls are a great way to experience the pleasure of the Delta-8 flower, without the need to make the flower roll by yourself. They are particularly beneficial to those just beginning to discover cannabis and don’t have experience in rolling smokeable items, however, everyone can benefit from the ease of pre-rolls. If you want to know more about delta 8 pre-rolls then visit

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Guest Blog: Our qualified doctors of pharmacy have not been paid for 7 months



doctors of pharmacy

The Doctor of Pharmacy Programme or PharmD as it is popularly called is a professional doctorate pharmacy programme that involves 6 years of training in an accredited institution which enables one to become a licensed pharmacist by the Pharmacy Council of Ghana (in this case) or an approved body (which is country specific) in order to work in the clinical space. (more…)

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Hollard and Melcom Celebrate Five Thousand Policies in Two Years of Partnership



Melcom Hollard 5000 policies

Hollard and Melcom Celebrate Five Thousand Policies in two years of partnership. Since partnering to make insurance more accessible to Ghanaians through a Shop and Insure initiative, insurance group Hollard Ghana, with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life, is marking two years of partnership with retail giant, Melcom. (more…)

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Fascinated by the new HUAWEI nova Y70? We answer all your questions here!



HUAWEI nova Y70

Huawei’s latest HUAWEI nova Y70 has done something amazing that not many other entry-level phones on the market can brag about. It has put together so many solid features on a single device but at an attractive price. The phone comes with an incredible 6000mAh battery, an expansive 6.75-inch display, a great trio of cameras, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about this new smartphone.

How long can we expect the battery to last on a single charge?

As you already know, the HUAWEI nova Y70 comes with a huge 6000mAh battery. That’s huge even for a 2022 smartphone. The benefit of having such a big battery is that it can last for 3 days on a single full charge. What’s even more amazing is that it supports 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge to help you fill-up the large battery in no time. You will be hard-pressed to find such an amazing combination at this price point.

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Is the display good for gaming and watching movies?

The HUAWEI nova Y70 features a large 6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display that’s great for watching videos. The high screen to body ratio of 90.26% also helps you focus on the content leaving little around the screen to distract you. The phone also adopts a classic flat screen with a single punch hole in the middle to present a simple yet stylish design.

For gamers, the smartphone’s screen also supports an industry-leading 10-point Multi-touch technology to provide a fast response time even when using multi-finger gestures. To reduce the burden on the eyes, HUAWEI nova Y70 also features smart dimming, a luminous screen, an e-book mode, as well as a video quality enhancement feature to further improve the visual experience.

How good are the cameras on the HUAWEI nova Y70?

If you are looking for a smartphone with great cameras to explore your creativity, then the HUAWEI nova Y70’s AI Triple Camera is all you need. It features a 48MP High-res Main Camera, a 120° 5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. Thanks to the f/1.8 aperture of the 48MP High-res Main Camera, it allows for more light when shooting resulting in clean-looking photos. Coupled with the optimised Huawei algorithms, HUAWEI nova Y70 greatly enhances the quality of captured images, ensuring every shot is of optimal quality, even when taking pictures against the light.

The 5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera helps you easily fit more content in one frame. The 2MP Depth Camera works with the innovative bokeh algorithm to blur the background, allowing your subject to stand out. The 8MP front camera also supports the bokeh effect to blur the background when taking selfies. Huawei’s AI Beauty algorithm can capture selfies in crisp detail with a natural beautifying effect and intelligently improve issues like image sharpness and digital noise to preserve details in your selfies.

What does the 128GB of storage space mean in real-life usage?

The 128GB storage capacity on the HUAWEI nova Y70 is going to be sufficient for the vast majority of people out there. To put it into perspective, you will easily be able to store up to 170 episodes of a drama series, 20,000 high-quality songs and over 60 HD movies on the phone. However, the phone caters even to those heavy users who need extra storage. The HUAWEI nova Y70 supports up to 512GB storage capacity when using MicroSD cards, allowing them to store everything they want in their phone. It is also equipped with EROFTS super file compression technology to easily download your favourite songs, videos, and games.

The trusted, innovative, user-friendly and secure AppGallery is available on the HUAWEI nova Y70, where users can easily navigate, explore, find and download a wide range of high-quality apps.

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