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6 Gifts perfect for Travel Lovers



If you’re in search of a unique and memorable gift for the travel lover in your life, you might be thinking what do you get for the person that’s seen and done it all? To make it easier for you, we’ve picked out the best 6 items that will become endlessly useful for long haul backpacking, business trips away and 5-star jet setting holidays. If you’re a frequent traveller, having a go-to travel kit with all the below pieces is a must to add a touch of comfort to every trip.


  1. Distinctive Carry On

We’ve all been in the position of waiting patiently at the conveyor belt after just getting off a long haul flight, trying to work out which carry on is ours because they all look the same. This is the reason why the travel lover in your life will appreciate a distinctive new case that they can spot from a distance and know it’s theirs straight away. Find a case in a colour that suits their personality that’s sturdy and practical so they will have their new forever case!


  1. Vintage Film Camera

There’s something special about how we took pictures before the digital camera era. Filling up our cameras with film and only having one chance to take the perfect photo, then comes the excitement of developing the film and flicking through all the memories of your time away. A film camera makes an unexpected but very memorable gift for an aspiring travel photographer, having hard copies of their holiday photos from their film camera will ensure their trips are always unforgettable!


  1. Travel Pillow

For uncomfortable long-haul flights, trains or even car journeys, a travel pillow will add a touch of luxury and comfort to their experience to ensure they can catch up on some precious sleep while travelling. There are many options for travel pillows, some are inflatable so they can fit in your pocket or some are made from memory foam for extra comfort. Find something that will suit the recipient’s needs to ensure every journey is dreamy.


  1. A Toiletry Kit

For their next trip away, take away some of their packing problems by handpicking a toiletry kit complete with a stylish but flight friendly clear zip bag. You can include all the essential toiletries under 100ml including deodorant, after sun, hand sanitizer and body wash. Why not get a little innovative and keep the liquids to a minimum with shampoo bars and powder toothpaste? They will love the thought you’ve put into this gift and it will be endlessly useful during their upcoming holiday.


  1. Initial Necklace

If your travel-loving bestie is planning a long trip away, a sentimental personalised necklace with your initial on makes the perfect friendship gift so they can keep you close at all times. The best part of this meaningful present is that you can treat yourself to a beautiful new necklace with their initial engraved too!


  1. Portable Charger

Last but not least, the portable charger. This is an invaluable piece of equipment that will ensure their phone always has charge if they ever get into a sticky situation while travelling or simply just need to book a cab or take advantage of the perfect photo op! A practical and useful gadget that they will never go anywhere without!