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amakye-and-dede-majid-michel-kalybos-and-ahuofe-patriKofas Media, producers of “The Adventures of Kalybos” and “Kalybos In China” have announced their latest production,  ‘Amakye & Dede’.  The announcement was made at a press briefing on Friday.Kofi Asamoah, CEO of Kofas Media revealed that production for the movie starts on February and it features Majid Michel, Ahuofe Patri, Kalybos, KKD, KSM, Apostle John Prah and others.IMG_0009




Amakye and Dede is about two childhood friends who did everything together; attended the same school, worked together and eventually falls in love with one lady.

In this instance, one must volunteer and let go of this girl. But misunderstanding crops in hence rules had to be put in place. They agreed to go solo and stick to their A-game individually and whoever wins the girl will have the support of the other.

The plot turns more hilarious when both of them had to go through individual mysterious procedures to win the heart of the girl, but at the end of the day, the lady can only fall for one.

With Kalybos starring as ‘Amakye’ and Majid starring as ‘Dede’ fighting for the love of Ahuofe Patri, one will definitely conclude the movie will be the best production from KOFAS media.Watch the video below to know how the press conference went and anything you need to know about the 2016 movie “Amakye & Dede”.

The question now is, “Who wins Ahuofe Patri after the fight?”. Amakye Dede is scheduled to premiere on Easter Saturday at Siverbirds Cinemas at the Accra and West Hills Mall.