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As a Mobile App Developer, What Computer Coding Language Should I Learn? A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Development



Mobile platforms have become crucial in many aspects of our daily lives. So, with the right level of technical knowledge, you should be able to develop mobile apps. Below is a brief guide to help you on your way to becoming an app developer.

As most people already know, to learn how to develop mobile applications, you’ll need to learn a programming language. And although you could study or pick up some significant coding skills on your own through the internet, it is really advisable, faster and more effective to acquire your computer programming basics to needed to learn mobile development courses as a beginner from some of the best IT schools in Accra, such as DevWold Tech Academy.

Alright, even if you don’t believe we’ve wholly entered the post-PC era, mobile platforms are undeniably crucial in many aspects of our daily lives. Creating mobile applications for fun or profit can be a rewarding experience personally and financially.

So, it’s really possible to develop mobile applications if you have a certain level of technical knowledge. But it’s necessary for you to understand computer programming basics to learn mobile development courses as a beginner.



What computer coding language should I learn to develop mobile applications?

  •         An Overview of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  •         The Android SDK now supports the Marshmallow operating system.

This is the Java programming language’s official language for mobile development. As a result, Android is written primarily in Java, and its APIs are designed to be accessed using the Java programming language.

The mobile Native Development Kit can also be used to create C and C++ mobile applications. But Google, on the other hand, strongly discourages this practice.

According to Google, “the vast majority of applications will not benefit from the NDK.”. As a developer, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various options. It is worth noting that, while using native code on Android does not always result in a noticeable performance boost, it does always increase the complexity of your app.”


The market is expected to be highly profitable due to this expansion. You can either create a mobile application for your company or pursue a career in mobile application development. There are many computer programming training schools in Ghana to study Mobile Development classes fast here in Ghana.e many 

It is unnecessary to return to college if you want to pursue a computer science degree just to create mobile apps. Without a doubt, you can, but it will take time and resources. We’ve decided to create a step-by-step guide to help you on your way to becoming an app developer.


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a Mobile App Developer in Accra, Ghana

The following are the steps to becoming a mobile app developer.


A mobile app developer creates, designs, develops, maintains, and updates mobile apps. They create app mock-ups to test their work’s usability and identify and correct any issues before publishing it on an app hosting platform.

The app development team works with user experience designers, which you can also study at DevWorld Tech Academy to ensure that the app design meets the consumers’ needs. Their collaboration with business leaders will also help with the app’s launch.

Mobile app developers can be distinguished based on the platform they are developing, such as Android app developers or iOS app developers. Android app developers are in charge of designing and developing applications for Android-powered devices. iOS app developers use the iOS programming language and technologies such as X-code to create, test, and update mobile applications for Apple devices. Some app developers create cross-platform apps, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.



1.     Choose a learning strategy that works for you.

There are many different paths you can take to learn about app development. One option is to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. This programmer course will teach you how computers and other devices work and how to code, and the various programming languages available. You can complete a bachelor’s degree in four years or less if you work hard and study hard.

But there is another path for you. Yes, you can join computer programming training schools in Ghana to study mobile development classes fast, one of such is DevWorld Tech Academy located in Accra. You should follow this path to pursue a career as a mobile application developer if you want to save money and finish faster with lots of practical project knowledge.

Another option is to enroll in a mobile app development course at a community college. Depending on the individual, you can complete the course in a few months to a couple of years.



2.      Decide on a platform and a target market for your company.

You can choose to host your app on a variety of different platforms. Each platform has its programming language, monetization model, and market reach, which are all distinct. It is possible, to begin with, one platform and learns about the others as your career progresses. Another critical decision point is deciding on which niche to concentrate your efforts. There are a variety of niches to choose from, such as

  •         Gaming and fitness mobile apps.
  •         Communication and messaging mobile apps are critical components to businesses.
  •         Small business mobile apps
  •         Entertainment mobile apps
  •         E-Commerce, real estate, and marketplace mobile apps


3.     Improve your coding abilities.

Coding is a necessary skill for all developers, regardless of their career path. Even though some app development platforms do not require you to know how to code, most professional apps and popular platforms do.

Knowing how to code allows you to customize your app, add new features, and fix bugs. Other programming languages that you can learn include Python, JavaScript, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C++, C#, and Objective-C. These are just a couple of examples.

A successful mobile app developers must-have these abilities


Mobile app developers who want to be top of their field require the following technical and soft skills:

  •         Skills in programming
  •         Business savvy
  •         Skills in Analytical Interface Design
  •         Creativity
  •         Methodologies for Agile
  •         Communication
  •         Data protection
  •         App development for multiple platforms

However, it’s not a one-day journey but it’s really a journey that begins one day and with one step. DevWorld Tech Academy understands this and helps their students navigate the musky waters.


4.     Make obtaining certification a top priority.

Certifications for mobile app developers are typically optional, but they are strongly recommended because they help validate your coding knowledge and experience. Certifications demonstrate your dedication to your field and desire to advance your career. They also improve your employability and chances of getting a better job in the future. The following are some of the certifications you could pursue:

  • TensorFlow Developer Certification is a certification programmer for TensorFlow developers
  • Salesforce Platform Developer Certification Associate Developer, Sales force Technology Associate Developer in Microsoft Technology
  •  A Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Microsoft-certified individual who creates solutions for Microsoft products.
  • Oracle Mobile Development Certified Implementation Specialist is an Oracle professional certification.
  • The IBM Certified Mobile Application Developer designation denotes that the developer has passed many tests.

However, you can’t just jump straight to certification without first strengthening and refining your computer programming skills as is taught at DevWorld Tech Academy. If you skip the process, you would have wasted your time, effort and money.



5.     Create a curriculum vitae

It is a competitive field, and a strong resume will be required to land a job in mobile app development. Submit a well-written and compelling resume to make an excellent first impression on recruiters. The following sections comprise an excellent app developer resume:

  •         Relevant technical abilities are listed below.
  •         Soft skills that set you apart from the competition
  •         Work experience in a related field is required.
  •         Outstanding accomplishments

But again, you should just create and start shooting your resume all over the place if you do not have something worthwhile on it. That’s why DevWorld Tech Academy students are helped to develop their coding, implementation and app portfolio through solid practical and real world projects used by real companies with thousands of users.


6.     Submit applications for positions in app development.

Once you’ve completed your resume, look for positions that match your qualifications and apply. Recognize the job description’s specifics and tailor your application to meet those requirements. Use your existing network to learn about open positions in various organizations.

To help you prepare for your interviews, practice common app developer interview questions. Because the interviewer may want to assess your technical knowledge, you should also prepare for practice quizzes.


The is also covered in DevWorld Tech Academy’s career path programs. Students complete having been prepared to be Freelancers, Employees or Entrepreneurs according to their choice. In fact, you are trained and expected to start working before you finally graduate.


7.      Think about the possibility of profit.

Mobile app developers may choose to work as independent contractors. While there are numerous benefits to working as a freelancer, you must consider how you will fund your app development efforts. The following are the most common methods of app development funding:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Contributions from patrons have been received.
  • Individuals who invest in early-stage companies are known as angel investors.
  • It isn’t easy to create a premium paid application but that’s an option.

The goal is to gain your computer programming skill and earn profit from it. In fact, it is safe to say that’s the major goal and focus at DWTA computer training school in Accra, Ghana. It is to ensure that students complete having already profited from the skills that they obtain even before they leave the school.



In Conclusion,

When all is said and done, these are some of the main steps which you are to consider and follow as you acquire your computer programming basics to learn mobile development courses as a beginner. And if you persevere to the end, the seven steps listed above in the guide to becoming a mobile app developer in Accra, Ghana, is a glimpse to how your career might look like. Interesting, isn’t It?



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