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Barn Romance: Sammi B makes moves on Ofunneka!



Just a few days after his ex-girlfriend left the Big Brother Barn House, it appears Sammi B is on the hunt for a new lover. While Ofunneka was being her usual hygienic self after everyone went to bed, Sammi stayed behind to try his luck. Sammi was literally piggy-backing on her while she washed the dishes.
He would try touching her now and again until she screamed for protection from the other Barnmates telling them that Sammi was getting his hands in places she could not mention. Sammi said he was just standing like a by-stander and plead not guilty. However, Ofunneka said she was exaggerating a bit just to get at him. He then threw his arm around her neck and she really found it difficult to get on with her chores with Sammi stuck on her like glue. She politely asked him to take two steps back but Sammi then made the most outrageous attempt, sliding his feet just a little bit to get even closer.

There was no getting rid of Sammi. Ofunneka quickly asked him to take two bold steps back to which he complied for a moment but was quickly back to his comfortable position, bugging Ofunneka even more. Ofunneka told Sammi that he was naughty but that he had met his match. She promised him that “by the time I’m done with you, you’ll beg-o.”

Meanwhile Hannington and Tatiana have been getting cozy. Lerato kicked Tatiana out of the kitchen after she pounced on her and Hannington frolicking in dance in the kitchen.  Lerato was in the company of Barn guest, Ofunneka when she made the discovery.

With Tatiana’s shawl wrapped around Hannington’s shoulders, the two danced the early evening away entwined by the wrap and Lerato thought it was time up. Tatiana and Hannington had spent at least two hours in the kitchen supposedly cooking but instead the other Barnmates occasionally heard giggles from the kitchen prompting Lerato to shout from the lounge “Hope you cooking and not fornicating.” The reluctant yet chuckling Tatiana was escorted out by her Nigerian friend while Lerato insisted that she and Hannington would finish off the cooking. Since the Angolan lass moved into the Barn, she has had a moment with Sammi who helped her settle down in the Barn after her emotional breakdown. The following day, she spent the whole morning buried in bed and later came back to life and started enjoying her stay in the Barn.She and Hannington have moved from chatting, to confiding in each other, dancing, kissing lips and nipples.

But on the flip side, Tatiana has sworn that Munya will taste hell when he gets to the Barn. Chatting to Ofunneka and Lerato while watching Munya serving his punishment in the Glass House, Tatiana said “before I left the House, I decided that he doesn’t deserve me, he doesn’t appreciate me.”
She added that she felt like a zombie on stage during her Eviction show because she had not had the opportunity to make peace with Munya but he didn’t seem to care so she gave up on him. She told Ofunneka that she had made a decision to focus somewhere else and promised herself that she would do it. “You know me, I like to be in control all the time,” she explained. Ofunneka said perhaps Munya was also used to being in control in his relationships with younger women so, he just had to grow up.

Meanwhile, Lerato said the Zimbabwean Housemate was really holding back and his immaturity made him lose balance. She added that having his baby mama and the baby were both confusing him in the House.

Throughout all this trashing, Hannington perched himself quietly next to the girls seemingly deep in thought while Sammi slaved away in the kitchen.