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Big Brother updates: Housemates lose task, Ofuneka leaves and Sammy B is out!

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Big Brother updates: Housemates lose task, Ofuneka leaves and Sammy B is out!

The past week has certainly been eventful in the Big Brother All-stars house. Ghana’s representative, Sammy B had to bow out of the competition due to health reasons.  Although he was evicted in the second week of the show alongside Hannington, he was surprised to be put in a Barn which is a new addition to the show. This gave him a second shot at $200,000 cash prize.

Sammi reported to Biggie that he was not feeling well and after medical attentions and check-ups, he said he could no longer stay in the Barn and wanted to leave. Medical personnel on Friday after checking up on Sammi concluded that he was suffering from elevated hypertension and suggested that Sammi be allowed to leave the Big Brother Barn and get medical attention and bed rest. Sammi in a Diary session on Friday thanked Biggie and Africa for the experience in the House and the Barn. He told Biggie that he was very happy to be a part of the reality show for the second time. He told the Barnmates that he had to leave the Barn because of his deteriorating health condition. The emotional Barnmates were not excited by the news. The Big Brother Barn will now be left with three Barnmates – Hannington, the only male and two females, Lerato and Tatiana.

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, the housemates failed to impress Big Brother with their “Ideal House” task this week and have lost their 100% wager. They spent a lot of long hours on their model, but ultimately their failure to stick to the task outline meant that they must contemplate a week without any luxury items.

During their presentation, the housemates attempted to highlight their house’s interactive nature. Yacob showcased the basketball court and the barbeque stand as part of the entertainment area. Uti then demonstrated the outside area and stressed that the “outdoor should feel like the outdoor”. He argued that the “Amazon Feel” of the design captured the essence of outdoor living. Mwisho presented the garden design, which included an easy-access sauna and a gym. Jennifer highlighted the importance of the sauna, for the female housemates, saying it was important to have grooming area.

Paloma’s part of the presentation involved the symbolic features of the design, mentioning the prominent green colour and how it represents the beautiful nature of the continent. Sheila stressed the spaciousness of the house – their design saw fewer walls and a revolving dining table for easy access. Stairs are also revolving in a spiral, to add a fun element.

During the early hours of the morning, Jennifer was to be found outside on her hands and knees, digging a hole in the garden by hand. The reason? She was carrying out her secret task, burying one of each of her housemates’ shoes!  She slipped out of bed and stole a shoe from each housemate in the silence of the night and carried them downstairs in her suitcase. After burying the shoes amongst the plants, she rushed inside to clean her suitcase and wash her hands, removing any incriminating evidence.

Confusion and finger-pointing reigned in the house when the housemates woke up to find they were each missing some footwear. Uti said that whoever had hidden their shoes wanted it to look like it was done by himself and Mwisho, who had been clowning around as part of their punishment from Big Brother.  During his Diary Session, Uti first told Big Brother that he suspected Jennifer over the sudden disappearance of the shoes. He had told Big Brother that he had no idea who could have hidden their shoes, then eventually settled on Munya, Yacob and Mwisho’s names. He said two or three people had asked him about the slippers because he still had both of his.  After succeeding in her secret task, Big Brother rewarded Jennifer with a new pair of animal-print slippers. She was a little perturbed when  Big Brother told her that her housemates would have to find their shoes without her help.

Thursday saw Code, Lerato, Paloma and Sammi receive medical treatment. Code had medicine delivered to him while Lerato complained about her sore foot, from an injury she sustained two weeks ago while still in the house when Uti had run over her foot while playing with a scooter. Paloma had a Dentist examine her “bottom teeth”, because they were “shaking”. Sammi had been suffering from a headache, which prevented him from participating in the task. He had earlier been heard telling his Barnmates that he was suffering and wanted to go home.

Sheila and Jennifer had a fight while working on the Ideal House model, over a tube of glue. According to Sheila the tube was the only one left and Jen took it into the house when everyone else was working on their Task in the garden. When she went inside to enquire about it, Jennifer told her she was using it. Sheila said ‘wow’ and turned and left.

In The Barn, Lerato, Hannington and Tatiana talked about how overconfident the Housemates had been about their Task, yet they had under-delivered. They added that the 100% wager was a sign that the Housemates had taken the task lightly.

Lerato criticised each aspect of the model house, from the colour scheme to the walkway between the sauna and the jacuzzi. She added that this would be a good week for one Housemate to leave the House because the Housemates are soon going to run out of food, when the Barn was full of food. Ofunneka made a teary exit from The Barn on Thursday afternoon after enjoying her time with Tatiana and new friends Hannington and Sammi.  Sammi had taken a keen shine to her, trying his luck at initiating some Barn Romance. Ofunneka had played an integral role in the task when Sammi’s headache had kept him in bed.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.



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