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Dansoman Food Festival returns September 21



The Dansoman Food Festival is a buffet style food festival showing selected dishes from all ten regions of the country. The main goal of the event is to promote the Ghanaian culture, that is, the food, drinks and music and also our rich heritage can also be found in our local dishes. In addition to this, vendors will be at the event to also showcase their products and services. This is to promote the Ghanaian products and services, also an aim of QBE Ghana limited. Why the Dansoman Food Festival exists and why it is important The Ghanaian culture can be more evidently seen in the local dishes and the passion used in creating these dishes. This event was created to show more appreciation for our culture within the year and let every generation remember the wonderful dishes we have in our amazing country. The Dansoman Food Festival was born to create an event for the catchment area of Dansoman, Kasoa, Mallam, Santa Maria and other areas to also have a unique event. Amazing events always happen at the East Legon and airport areas. Due to this reason QBE Ghana limited decided to create this event so that the areas mentioned above too will have an event they can also call their own. The main objectives of the event are:

  •   To create an event where the Ghanaian people and especially Ghanaian food are promotedand celebrated
  •   To create an environment where local Ghanaian food businesses get the opportunity tomarket and sell their products to the general public
  •   To create an environment that brings people together under a common goal; the promotionand celebration of the rich Ghanaian cultureWhen is it happening The date for the #DansomanFoodFestival is slated for the 21st of September. The date 21st September was selected because it is used to celebrate Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah who loved our heritage. And also, it is a public holiday giving everyone the opportunity to get fully involved with this event. The venue for this year’s edition is at the Methodist university. What happens at the event
  •   The event will start in the morning with promoting the local businesses and then the buffet will begin with introduction of all the dishes.
  •   This is accompanied by music and activities that will make the event entertaining and interesting.
  •   During when the attendees are eating how the dishes are prepared with the ingredients will be explained, at the same time too there will be interesting quiz questions for the attendees.
  •   Also, the culture of the various regions and the country as well as showing respect to the Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah since this event is on the day recognized as his birthday will be promoted
  •   There will be vendor and interactive tents.
  •   The event will close with some musical performances or a musical session by a DJ thatturns the buffet into a get together.
  •   The event will promote interactions and connection between attendees. Thus, fostering networking.

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