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Have the most amazing experience ever in London



The British capital attracts over 27 million tourists every single year. This is actually the most visited city in the entire Europe, and plenty of visitors all over the world come here all year round. It is no surprise that the wonderful city of London is top of so many people’s travel plans. If we look at its history, the metropolitan city has been founded by the Romans and luckily it has thrived over the centuries. These days, the metropolis is one of the most diverse big cities in the world, with an extremely rich history as well as some of the most outstanding culture on the entire planet. Here is what you need to do in order to have the most amazing experience ever in London.

Visit the Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is home to the Houses of Parliament as well as the famous Big Ben, and in plus, it is the political hub of this metropolis. The building is opened to the public nearly every day, but it is recommended that you check out the official website before you actually make a visit. When visiting these landmarks, we suggest you to rfest your feet in the Parliament Square, where you can admire several statues of important political names, including Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. 

Don’t miss Soho

Soho is known as the base of the base of the city’s sex industry. The location is extremely famous for the vibrant nightlife, although you will also find there a few sex shops dotted, giving this place a delightfully risque vibe. Soho is also considered the perfect place for gay and lesbian bars, in case this is what you fancy, and there you will be able to enjoy teh most professional adult work services. In addition to a high number of bars and clubs, the place also has numerous jazz bars, theaters, as well as restaurants to explore, and this is why Soho is also considered a cultural spot. During the day, the location definitely dosen’t lose none of its charm, as visitors will fiind here lots of music shops, quaint bakeries, and small cafes. Soho is excellent for those who are looking to hire London escorts. Even if the situation is not very good at the moment due to the coronvirus, you can still find a beautiful lady and enjoy some incredibly wonderful moments. In order to make sure you take care of your health, you can just hire a girl in order to be your company while you visit the amazing city of London. What you must do is to type escorts near me on the internet and see where you can actually find a beautiful lady close to you. 

Explore Hyde Park

This park is actually the most famous one in London, as well as the largest one in the city. There are plenty of wonderful parks, but this one you must definitely not miss it. It has a big historical significance, and it has hosted over the years a high number of demonstrations and protests, such as the protests initiated by Suffragettes. The Speaker’s Corner is at the moment still ocuppied every single week by protests, debates, and also performance artists. In plus, this location is home to various memorial features. Visitors can go paddle-boarding, they can have picnics here, they can enjoy the beautiful swans, and they can also take in a breath of fresh air. Hyde Park is without a doubt a must-visit tourist attraction.

Relax at Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is another large park in London, that covers a massive not more and not less than 790 acres. This park sits atop of one of the highest points in the city, and it offers stunning views of London from Parliament Hill. The Hampstead Heath features wooded areas, grassy fields, and plenty of large ponds. There is no doubt that it is the best location to experience nature in the city with lots of wildlife around as well. Furthermore, here you will also be able to find swimming lidos, in case you feel brave enough to swim outdoors. We recommend you to visit Kenwood House, which is a historical stately home, extremely popular for its curated art collection. 

Go to Camden Town

Camden Town is an extremely vibrant place that you must not miss. This popular cultural neighborhood located in the north part of the city, is well-known for its alternative culture such as goths, punks, and rockabilities, as well as lots of tourists. Moreover, you will find numerous piercing and tattoo shops, and you will have the opportunity to try amazing street food from international cuisines. We recommend you to visit one of the most popular bakeries, the Cookies & Scream. 

Enjoy an amazing view from the London Eye

You simply cannot miss the iconic London Eye, which was originally built to celebrate the millennium. This massive ferris wheel offers stunning views across London. At night, the London Eye is lit up in various colors, and it looks absolutely spectacular. You can either choose to share one of the spacious pods with other tourists, or you could go for a private pod. However, it is highly recommended to check the official website and book your ticket so that you don’t need to stay in the line. 

Shoreditch is also a must-see attraction

This is actually one of the trendiest places in the city. It has recently undergone extensive regeneration, and it is at the moment one of the hottest and most vibrant nightlife spots in London, as well as one of the coolest locations to stay in the city. We recommend you to check out Trapeze, a circus-themed bar where you can enjoy endlessly inventive drinks. On the other hand, if you are a pop culture lover, then you must definitely go to Far Rockaway, an extremely chilled bar and restaurant. You can also choose Blues Kitchen in case you want to listen some high-quality blues.