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Hiplife artist turned prophet, Emmanuel Kodjoe makes 31 shocking prophecies for 2017



Former hiplife artist, Emmanuel Kodjoe is no stranger to transformations but his latest calling may shock many. After changing his stage name from Strawberry to Kinkon, he is back to his real name and now a prophet.  Minister E. Kodjoe is he is affectionately known has made some interesting prophecies for 2017. According to him, the 2017 prophecies are for Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa and the NPP’s first four years in Power. He also called for prayers from all believer’s. 1) Plane Crash @ Takoradi just after Pipe ano Near the old Kokompe, this is due to engine failure. (2017) 2) Three Assassinations attempt shall be made on one Major Prophet in Ghana but all the three attempts By three snipers shall fail and they shall all be arrested (2017) 3) Water disaster shall destroy houses and properties,This shall take place in some parts of the world and two major cities in Ghana, ‘twice’ (2017) 4) Fire Crisis shall destroy and kill a lot (2017) 5) All Famous faces that are not planted in Jesus Christ shall die and some shall go mad whiles others shall also attract an incurable sicknesses that shall lead them to death. Stars , celebrities , public figures and even Pastor and Prophets that are not from God . (2017) 6) All state owned properties shall be taken from the NDC including Cars from even the Formal President Mahama 7) A Review on State Reforms at the Ministries and other state owned organization’s and companies which were made in ghost names. also salary reduction that affected the formal President JM’s body guards. (2017)
8) Starting from March this year Children shall be stolen and killed from hospitals, homes and schools . This is due to Occult demands for sacrifice. (2017)
9) Gas shortage (2017) 10) Dumsor will come again (2017) 11) An attempt shall be made to overthrow Nana Addo. There should be changes in this present military leadership to avoid this act. (2017) 12) Macho men harassment in homes and on streets, these people are being sponsored to make the country insecure.(2017) 13) Division Among the NPP (2017) 14) Gayism will be very common that two movie stars from Ghana shall be exposed in Gay sextape (2017) 15) Scarcity of Gh cedis (NPP’s Regime) 16) Two Industrial Ports (Harbor) that has Hospital in them shall be built for Ghanaians. (NPP’s Regime) 17) Majority of Ghanaian youth shall do very well in Journalism and media broadcasting all over the world, that shall uplift the flag of Ghana high . This shall be encouraged by the NPP Government Affiliated to the United Kingdom (NPP’s Regime) 18) Youth into Agriculture farming and Industry more (NPP’s Regime) 19) Accountants and Finance students shall be sponsored by the NPP to master their course abroad 20) Ghana Movie Producers shall Shift into Series Production more (NPP’s Regime)
21) 70% of Charismatic Churches shall go down and most shall close, this is due to dryness of anointing and also fakeness (Familiar spirit). God is about using the Pentecostal movement more, especially Assemblies of God. (season) 22) Three Television stations are about to top all the other old TV stations, namely ‘Adom TV, Atinka TV and a new one now coming up Kassapa TV ’ . (2017) 23) Death on Sierra Leone President ‘Ernest Koroma ’. (2017) 24) Death on one major Catholic Head in the world. (2017) 25) Foreign person will try to be President in Kenya (season) 26) One major Prophet in South Africa that has been to Ghana before in 2016 is about to be exposed big time and die. This Prophet is a trickster and not from God. 27) God’s judgment on fake Prophet in Ghana is beginning from Kumasi to Accra. (2017) 28) Sam Sumana has to be taken back into the APC of Sierra Leone as the Flag bearer of the Party else the APC party shall loose the Election and stay out of Power for a Very long time. This is because God has chosen Sam Sumana as the next President of Sierra Leone, if the APC try to fight the will of God, they shall not be in Power and SLPP shall rule. 29) Gun fight in one night clubs in the country that will result in loosing a lot of life’s. (2017) 30) Part of New Jersey in America is going to be burnt and also CNN storage house (where they keep their backup files) 31) Castro ‘Under fire’ the hiplife is still alive.
 Emmanuel Kudjoe’s musical talent was realized at the age of nine when he started playing musical instrument at church. Kinkon surfaced on the Ghanaian music scene professionally in the year 2009 when he released his first single ‘Would You Marry Me’ coupled with other singles which paved the way for him to perform alongside Akon on the 29th independence day of the republic of Sierra Leone in 2010. He decided to stay oversees for a while before returning to Ghana later in 2014.

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