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Homosexuals need help and not jail time- Blakk Rasta




Ghanaian Reggae Musician and Radio Host, Blakk Rasta has opined that instead of arresting and throwing homosexuals into jail, they should be treated in hospitals.

According to the popular Radio Host, sleeping with the same gender is “madness,” hence, they homosexuals need treatment and not jail time.

“If I go by what he says, then I think that a man sleeping with another
man is totally abhorrent. It’s not normal and, for that matter, these
people need to be taken to a place where they can get help but
rather support a bill that has to do with the imbalance of the mind,” he
told Ismail Akwei on the Low Down Show on GhanaWeb TV.


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Blakk Rasta through is readings on the matter, explained that people  homosexuals are born out of freedom to love whoever, however, the act has been attributed to “mental imbalance.”

“For me, I want to understand why a man would want to sleep with
another man. From my readings, it is because human beings want to
have some kind of freedom as to who they can love and who they
cannot love.

“Reading from the past tells me that when a man wants to sleep with
another man, it’s madness. In Germany, there is a hospital for gay
people, a man who wants to sleep with another man, and great
philosophers attributed that to mental imbalance,” he explained.


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Blakk Sherif quoted the Medical Director for the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital, Dr Kwasi to back his claim.

“I live in a country called Ghana, and there is a chief psychiatrist, Dr. Kwasi, who has said it is madness for a man to sleep with another man. In order words, there is a mental imbalance somewhere,” he added.

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