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It’s been a month, why is Shatta Wale and Bullgod still walking free after Fennec’s murder confession- Kwaw Kese to the Police



Ghanaian rapper, Kwaw Kese has called on the Ghana Police to serve justice after Shatta Wale confessed to his former manager, Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bullgod having a hand in the murder of the late Fennec Okeyere.


On November, 2, 2022, Shatta Wale had shared some new information about his former manager, Bulldog’s hand in the murder of Fennec Okyere during a social media war.


According to Shatta Wale, Bulldog had told him about his plan to murder Fennec before its execution. He is therefore threatening to go to the Police with all the new information.

After Shatta Wale’s confession, Kwaw Kese had called on the Police to re-open the case, and they released a statement to that effect, stating that they had made contact with Shatta Wale who was willing to corporate with them on the matter.

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However, one month after the statement, there hasn’t been any update on the case, prompting Kwaw Kese to take to social media to ask for swift action on the case.


“It’s been one month since Shatta Wale came out to say he’s been keeping secrets about how Bulldog planned and killed my manager. I don’t know what is happening in this Ghana again, that the Ghana Police are still sitting on this case and not taking any action. If somebody confesses of killing somebody and we are still doing investigations then I don’t know what the investigation is about,” Kwaw Kese lamented in aa video that has been shared on Instagram.

He continued; “Shatta Wale confessed that he’s been keeping the secret and since Bulldog was is bringing out his secret, he’s also bringing out that secret; and that secret is that, Bulldog planned and killed my manager. What evidence again are you waiting for before you take action? he asked.

Kwaw Kese subsequently asked if the Police and the Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu who happened to be the god-mother of the late Fennec Okyere are in the country and have heard of Shatta Wale’s confession.

“The day Shatta Wale confessed, I called the IGP and a statement was released and its been a month and both Shatta Wale and Bulldog are still walking free. How does the laws work in Ghana? I’m  wondering if the IGP is still in the country, I’m wondering  if the AG is still in this country and ‘m  wondering if Ursula Owusu, who happens to be Fennec’s god-mother is in this country and I’m wondering if they have heard of Shatta Wale’s confession. Which evidence again do you need?” he stated.


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