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Music Video: David Bolton – Leave My Heart On The Floor



David Bolton (D’KayBee) is back and is bringing so much love and its contents with his new song “Leave My Heart On The Floor.” In this video Bolton is on the beach and looking into a reality that is happening to us, almost everyday. The song talks about heartbreak, being in love, making promises and not delivering them. With love, there are so many layers to it that we can talk all day about it. It’s not just heartbreak or falling in love; there’s so many different ways to look at it. And this song draws your attention to it. David Bolton sounds amazing and fans should be very happy about his new music. In the song he repeats the lyrics,”Leave My Heart On The Floor” And that’s exactly what we do all the time when love is taken for granted. Sometimes a little heartbreak is a lesson, and the best thing to do is just learn the lesson. Instagram @davidbolton_worldwide Twitter @davidbolton_ww Facebook David Kwamena Bolton]]>