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WATCH: Popular Nigerian rice farmer, Rotimi Williams on Aim Higher Africa Ignite Series



“The first thing you have to decide before you start is are you an entrepreneur or are you a 9 to 5 person?” Rotimi Williams on Aim Higher Africa Ignite Series

According to recent statistics, Nigerians consume more than 5 million metric tons of rice every year, with a significant portion of its consumption needs sourced from imports. Following the crash of global oil prices and its resultant recessionary effect,

Rotimi Williams, an ambitious entrepreneur and rice farmer, is on a quest to change that.

Williams, a former journalist, is the owner of Kereksuk Rice Farm, the second largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria by land size. His farm, which is situated in Nasarawa state in northern Nigeria, currently sits on 45,000 hectares and employs more than 600 natives of Nasarawa. But what was the light bulb moment that made Williams decide to give up on the 9 to 5 life and embark on a journey filled with so many disappointments? ]]>

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