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WurlD Tells Apple Music About ‘AFROSOUL’ and Uplifting His Fans



WurlD joins Ebro Darden on Apple Music talks about his new project AFROSOUL and inspiring the next generation of African artists. He tells Apple Music about how he got his start in music: “I was born in Lagos, but I went to college at Georgia State. I would go to talent shows in Atlanta at the time, and that’s how I started meeting people and how I got into songwriting.”

Check out highlights from the interview courtesy of Ebro Darden on Apple Music.


“I called it ‘National Anthem’ because this is how we feel on a daily basis. Every morning you wake up and it’s a struggle out there. Let’s uplift each other, let’s motivate each other, let’s make this a street national anthem for everybody”.

“I took some songs out of this project that were too much of a down mood. I feel like it’s important to keep things light right now. Most of the songs on this project have a celebrative vibe”

“That was the last song I recorded for this project…It’s about having issues with your girl and you can’t come outside to fix it. You’re both locked down”

“I’m working on my full-fledged album right now. I’m not waiting for people to hit me up, I’m sliding into their DMs like, ‘let’s work, let’s work'”



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