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Young Jonn Releases Hot new 2- Pack Singles – “Go Hard & Disconnect” off his Debut Album Jiggy Forever



Young Jonn

Chart-topping Nigerian artist, Young Jonn, is set to make waves in the music industry with the release of a dynamic two-pack featuring his latest singles, “Go Hard” and “Disconnect.” These captivating tracks serve as a thrilling prelude to the unveiling of his highly anticipated debut album, scheduled to drop in January. Stream Here

Kicking off the sonic journey is “Go Hard,” a pulsating anthem that effortlessly blends elements of amapiano. The track beckons listeners to embrace an unrelenting pursuit of success, urging them to go full speed ahead with unwavering determination. Young Jonn’s signature production style shines through, creating an infectious energy that resonates with both casual listeners and dedicated fans alike. As the beats escalate, so does the call to action – a rallying cry to build an indelible reputation, leaving no room for hesitation or stops in the quest for greatness.

Following the adrenaline-fueled intensity of “Go Hard” is the introspective and soulful “Disconnect.” This second offering reveals another facet of Young Jonn’s artistry, as he crafts an anthem for hustlers seeking a momentary escape from the demanding grind of adulthood. The track resonates with the universal desire to disconnect, unwind, and recharge, providing a sonic sanctuary for those navigating life’s relentless hustle and bustle.

Young Jonn’s two-pack release is a testament to the depth of his artistry, showcasing not only his prowess as a producer but also his strength in penmanship and creative diversity. The juxtaposition of “Go Hard” and “Disconnect” highlights his ability to seamlessly navigate between different musical landscapes, offering listeners a multifaceted experience that transcends genre boundaries.


As fans eagerly await the full-length album set to drop in January, Young Jonn’s latest offerings provide a taste of the musical journey that lies ahead. Brace yourselves for a sonic adventure that promises to redefine the landscape of contemporary African music. Young Jonn is not just riding the two-pack wave; he’s setting the stage for a groundbreaking debut album that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the global music scene.
Stay tuned, as Young Jonn prepares to unleash a musical masterpiece that will captivate audiences worldwide.

About Young Jonn

John Saviours Udomboso, popularly known as Young Jonn, was born in Ibadan; he grew up in Ibadan and attended the University of Ibadan for his first degree. Young Jonn is an award-winning singer, songwriter and record producer who explored music through music production and later through singing. The success of the hit songs he produced led to more hits and career boosts for him. To put it in a better perspective, Young Jonn was arguably one of the most famous music producers in the 2010s.

Young Jonn took a break from production and recently returned as an artist. Young Jonn, on his part, has churned out singles upon singles.Young Jonn has brought back the vibrancy of his production catalog and combining it with slow-groove, inspirational and exciting melodies that will jostle brilliantly among other like-spirited records on all the significant music charts.


After signing with African music power house Chocolate City Music, he began to churn out hit singles with the release of “Dada” With a remix featuring Davido, “Normally” “If You Leave” and several other hits from his debut & sophomore projects “Love Is Not Enough” & “Love Is Not Enough” Vol.2 EPs respectively.

He scored his first solo No.1 record with “Xtra Cool” on Nigeria’s Top 100 songs maintaining its top position on the charts on all DSPs for several weeks consecutively. Unarguably one of the biggest break outs in the year 2022 with over 180 Million streams garnered so far, YoungJonn is geared to continuously deliver several exciting music for his listeners and join his peers as one of Afrobeats exports to the world.

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