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Yvonne Nelson says Ghanaian CEOs are only interested in taking celebs out for lunch



Yvonne Nelson has gone on a ranting spree on Twitter to address some issues concerning the Ghanaian movie and entertainment industry.  She suggested that, instead of businesses supporting the industry, their  CEOs are more interested in asking female stars out to lunch. She wrote:“Companies in GH are so STINGY. geeez! Their ceos would rather ask you out for lunch ” Perhaps following on the success of the Nigerian Entertaiment Conference (NEClive), Yvonne suggested that some of her counterparts where not business minded but only in the industry for the attention. “80% of entertainers in Gh just love the attention. Zero business drive. Entertainers in Nigeria, mean business” she added. She also called on Kiki Banson to hold a conference for the industry. “Kiki Banson pls we need a conference  some insight  a Lil education  pls. Industry is on 1 toe now.” ]]>

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