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Accra Fashion Week to launch first runway boutique online #SHOPTHERUNWAY



Accra Fashion Week continues to play a trendsetting role in the African fashion world, not only by the fantastic chic clothes displayed on the runway, but by inspiring other events to push the bar a step higher. There has been a great increase of fashion events across west Africa highly inspired by AFWk as well as a drastic improvement in various Ghanaian fashion events in order to keep up.

However this year the event known for stigmatizing fashion to business in Ghana is set to make a strong statement with their latest hashtag #SHOPTHERUNWAY. According to the organization behind the African extravaganza, the #SHOPTHERUNWAY hashtag signifies an end to the habit of fans of African fashion being just that. And a new beginning to a new society that lives, breaths and trends new collections by African designers. It is an anti 2nd hand clothing campaign that encourages Ghanaians to buy designs by local artisans”
“It’s enough, we can not continue to live in a society where we pack up African fashion shows and clap for the top African designers throughout, whilst dressed in our Louis V and Gucci’s, knowing very well we are going to go home and live the rest of our lives wearing just that”
Nana Tamakloe states “If that’s your purpose, stay home! Wearing African fashion in 2018 onward is a symbol of strength, it’s a symbol of effort. It’s the new Woke. In fact to some extent is actually just as a respectable act as that of those that fought for our independence. Their efforts was rigid, ours is more cunning but in the end they both lead to the same goals. It’s time to beautify ourselves and set trends that the world admires”
Another element that follows the purpose of the #SHOPTHERUNWAY hashtag is for the first time ever in fashion week history, an online shop will be created on the website belonging to the event, allowing guests present and non present to buy all and any goods the see showcased on the night by professional designers and have it shipped to them any where in the world. It hosts popula Ghanaian and foreign brands such as ABASS, BRI WIREDUAH, IVA MICHAELS, MISH MEGA, NACKISSA, OUTRAGE BY JIDA, SARA Q and TOBAMS COLORS. To view this and more check out

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