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Comedian Shegelabobor writes: COWARD CELEBRITIES OF GH ENTERTAINMENT (PWM ~ Popular without Money)



20200924 224200

Actors, Musicians & Creative arts are the Most Coward set of People who can’t even scream when thier balls are been dragged.

First of all the Entertainment in Ghana doesnt Pay Like it is in other countries. Every Production in Ghana is most often on Low budget including Brand Ambassadorial Deals, that’s why they mostly can’t disclose the signing Fees.

FDA banned celebs from Advertising Alcoholic Drinks You all kept quiet with the Exception of Wendy Shay. She was allover the place Fighting them, making it look like she is the only one starving or affected. Adonko Bitters signed several Nigerian Celebrities to advertise for them,
1. Enable them penetrate the Nigerian market 2. Bcoz you’ll not eligible because of the Ban. that money could’ve come to you But you Care less because no Alcoholic Brand have signed you yet. you stood aloof.

Today, the BETTING COMMISSION have also BANNED Celebs from Advertising for BETTING COMPANIES. In Recent times some few a Celebs have been signed unto few betting platforms as Ambassadors & yet you all quiet again. Soon they will Ban you from Condoms, Energy drinks, soft drinks before your eyes go clear.

The Most painful thing is You guys act like you have money or have made it Big but u dont have anything(chichi). We all know It’s expensive to keep up as a celeb, so u dont have to give small money chance. Ghana Celebrities are not Business minded on bit, talent is not enough my people.
You guys are Just Popular without Money, yet you will be forming comfortable & rich Online but Broke Offline that’s why Ghanaians dont even qualify most of you as celebrities.


You’ll can’t Boast of Mansions or houses in your name. Rented apartments Zalaaaa. The whole Gh Showbiz No Top Artiste Owns a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Maybach(Take Criss Waddle out) it’s a shame. It’s not because you all dont want it oo. You’ll just can’t afford that level of Vanity simplicita. How many of you have $50k to $100k USD your name?
The Females Celebs uses thier Kpekus to gain Cars & Houses instead Money from talents deals, Male Celebs also Going Up & Down before you Know they Have Duped Woman or having a Gigolo somewhere to sponsors them. why you disrespect your own talents or we ain’t talented at after all?

Most of the Cars you own are Movement and Swap deals. The Biggest car in Gh Showbiz are Range Rovers Tai. If I stand at McCarthy junction for 1 hour you will 25 Ranges driven by not extremely rich people. G wagon die3 Gy3 nyame talkless of Cullinan,Urus or Bentay

Shatta Wale fought the systems alone several times (Nobody stood by him or defended him) & won. today you are benefitting from it promoters now pay well and respect Artistes. Dont expect him to fight again.
Wendy Shay is planning to sue the betting Commission. There is no sense of Unity among you, to support her, You only show each other fake love when you meet at events, exchange pleasantries for the Gram. Unhealthy Competitions and Petty Rivalry has dominated your space instead of competing with outside world.
Everyone for himself system is the Industry Code that’s why you’ll ain’t Going no anywhere. Those at the Top wont draw you up to thier level. If you find your own way to maneuver yourself to the Top its becomes a problem. Bro & sis you can’t be at the Top forever.

WHAT DID YOU ALL DO WRONG BEFORE GETTING BANNED BY THIS INSTITUTIONS? the answer is Nothing, You were banned k3k3 not bcoz u guys flouted any rule bcoz someone ins office thinks it’s a Sin. Celebrities have to be saints. We are not Roman fathers.

Yet you’ll sheepishly not showing concern. wendy Shay always says “GHANA WAKE UP” we laugh at her but she is right. Soon you will be Old like your predecessors & be waiting for benevolence & donations before you shed tears on camera solicitating for help.


Respectfully to the FDA & GAMING COMMISSION please note that Celebrities are not responsible for training & Upbringing of children they did not Bare. it’s not their civic duty to be held accountable for another’s persons Child’s welfare.

Top Footballers & teams including Messi, Suarez etc are Brand Ambassadors for betting. Do you know the number of kids who look up to Lionel Messi worldwide? yet no one banned them.

A Creative will toil to build his brand to be popular without any system support, Then you will decide that He’s Role model hence he/she have to loose his entitlements or business for the sake of the child who’s parents patronize these products on Dailies? Celebrities are Not Religious Leaders or Imams. If I drink Alcohol why cant I advertise for them. after all it is written not sold to person under 18🔞 or drink responsibly. Some parents Work, sells & Market all the above products as thier livelihoods. Should the parents also be banned for running harmful businesses?

You banned Celebrities for adverts yet Billboards are Up, Radio & TV adverts of these products are aired everyday and night. Dont the Kids watch them everytime.
If you think it’s bad for society, Ban the alcohol or betting in the country instead you take Tax & license money from them to operate.

FDA & GAMING COMMISSION kindly stop forcing Responsibilities on the Heads of suffering Celebrities who are struggling secretly, they also have family’s to feed, How many Movies or shows do they even play in a year? they are not assistant parents.


Finally, The soo Called Celebrities, your Chicken Gutless Fearsome timidity is soo bright hence the need to wear sunglasses at night. Don’t expect the Brands or companies involved to fight the commissions for you. they have a business to run & Customers to serve.
If they haven’t signed you today. tmoro they might sign you. fight now when you are relevant ooo.

Have tried hard in this write Up not Compare Nigerian Creatives bcoz they shouldn’t always be our bench mark. Imagine Banning Nigerian celebrities from advertising bla bla. Like ugo hear word, shay una dey mad ni. Bcoz na commission give dem talent abi? In midst of Gunshots & Death they are all protesting with One Voice #Endsars.

As for me am not Popular yet not to mention my career brokeness. Am talking bcoz In future i dont want to be a victim of your failed unperturbed fainthearted lifestyle. This write up is not for clout chasing or a plea for help. it’s for all of us.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah is a Freedon fighter & a true leader. he has spoken about this banning. Real Dancehall king
Wendy Shay Official is the true Queen of Ghana Showbiz not just music. until then #GHANAWAKEUP & #SPEAKUP Enough is Enough. everyday 3ny3 shw33. fama nyame

Written Angrily by Comedian Shegelabobor



Gospel artiste Kojo Royal set to end 2023 with a masterpiece ‘Wo Ye Onyame’



Kojo Roya

UK-based Ghanaian Gospel musician Kojo Royal is about to end 2023 with a masterpiece, made possible by some of the best musicians and composers in the industry.

The singer and instrumentalist has just announced that he is ending the year with a new single titled ‘Wo Ye Onyame’.

The song ‘Wo Ye Onyame’, to wit ‘You are God’, shows how dependable Kojo Royal is on his Creator.

The song is also an appreciative piece and victory song that his followers can use in times of triumph, or even in times of turbulence.

Even with his instrumental and songwriting prowess, Kojo Royal is succored by some of the best musicians he’s worked with to create ‘Wo Ye Onyame’.


The song was composed by himself and guitarist Isaac K. Ampong (Ike). His backing vocalist Vivian Aboagye wrote the song. Popular UK-based sound engineer Joe Wilson mixed and mastered it.
Drummer Jeremiah Aboagye, keyboardists Kofi Boateng and Theophilous Aminarh, and guitarist Festus Mensah brought their experiences and talents to glaze the masterpiece.

According to Kojo Royal, the song will be released on December 15, 2023. He said his fans should expect nothing but an inspirational, worship-centered and soulful masterpiece.

Last month, Kojo Royal disclosed that he is committed to using his music as a tool to champion a charity agenda.

He said this charity will focus on raising God-fearing children. “My mission is to win devoted believers to God with my music,” he said in an interview with

“I want to give them some soulful music that
will draw them closer to God. I want to build a children’s home filled with God-fearing children for different communities,” he added.

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Mimi Andani writes openly on her divorce



IMG 20231115 WA0214

Ghanaian Big Brother Africa star and creative entrepreneur, Mimi Andamonhas revealed in a social media post that she has been divorced for a while now. (more…)

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Trending Pictures Of Digital Marketer and Media Personality Ms.Nancy Goes Viral After A Picture Of Them Together Pop Up Online



IMG 20231024 WA0047

Social media has been abuzz with excitement over a captivating photograph featuring the well-known Digital Marketer and Founder of Visual Display Network (VDN), Gorbachev Awuah, popularly known as Rems, and the beloved Television Personality, Professional Style Coach, and Public Speaker, Nancy Adabea Anane, who goes by Ms. Nancy. This snapshot, which has been making the rounds on various platforms for the past week, has ignited discussions, speculations, and a myriad of unanswered questions.

Mainstream Ghanaian Bloggers and the ardent admirers of both the media personalities have been eagerly deliberating the nature of their connection ever since the image started trending. Renowned Bloggers including ZionFelix, Ameyaw Debrah, Gh Kwaku among other Bloggers posted the picture on their social media handles, and their captions have only added fuel to the curiosity.

ZionFelix, in his caption, wrote, “Could this be love?? What am I seeing with my eyes like this. Ms. Nancy and Gorbachev Awuah, should we save the date anaaa mu se s3n!!!! This is soo out of the blue oo, my guy @iamremsover abeg come explain yourself!”

Ameyaw Debrah pondered, “Interesting post by Media Personality Ms. Nancy, does this mean we should be expecting a wedding ceremony very soon, or it’s just the beginning of the relationship. We’re waiting for more details @iamremsover.”

Gh Kwaku chose not to comment but left an intriguing remark, saying, “I haven’t said anything, I’m just passing by, but Ms. Nancy’s caption alone eerrhh!! Ok, bye.”

Ms. Nancy herself contributed to the speculation with her caption, which seemed to hint at something intriguing. She stated, “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE 99! @iamremsover and I are acquaintances and only meet at events every now and then. A random picture we took at Mandy’s wedding A is giving such couple vibes. As others in the industry, we could decide to take more of such and get our friend bloggers to insinuate that we are an item, and BANG, all will be on our pages trying to know the latest on our relationship, etc., and we will trend! I would be called a cougar but I would still trend. It’s nice to trend, but please make people work hard for it. But this boy @iamremsover is fine. Sorry for snitching, guys.”

The enigmatic caption has stirred further intrigue, leaving everyone guessing about the nature of their relationship and whether it’s simply a playful tease or something more significant.

As speculations continue to swirl, only time will reveal the true story behind this viral picture and the nature of the connection between Gorbachev Awuah and Ms. Nancy. For now, the online community remains captivated by this delightful mystery.

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Shatta Wale, Esther Piesie others shine in UK, Full List Of Winners Of Ghana Music Awards UK 2023



Screenshot 2023 10 09 at 18.21.20

Shatta Wale emerged Artist of the Year at the 2023 edition of Ghana Music Awards UK. He also won Reggae/Dancehall Artist of The Year, Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year  as well as  Most Dominant Fan Base of the Year.

Piesie Esther  also claimed multiple awards including Gospel Song of The Year for her soul-stirring track “Wayε Me Yie,” Gospel Artiste of The Year, and the  Songwriter of the Year award. Black Sherif secured the title of Hiplife/Hip Hop Artiste of The Year, while Akwaboah  got the nod for Highlife Artiste of The Year.

Sarkodie bagged the awards for Best Rapper of the Year and Best Collaboration of the Year for “Country Side” featuring Black Sherif.

The event was not only a platform for local recognition but also highlighted the global impact of Ghanaian artists.

See the full list of winners below:

Artiste of the Year

  • Shatta Wale

Uncovered Artiste of The Year

  • Essi

New Artiste of The Year

  • Lasmid

Most Popular Song of the Year

  • Fa No Fom – DJ Azonto

Best Rapper of the Year

  • Sarkodie – Country Side ft. Black Sherif

Best Collaboration of the Year

  • Sarkodie – Country Side ft. Black Sherif

Producer of the Year

  • Nacee

Songwriter of the Year

  • Piesie Esther – Wayε Me Yie

Instrumentalist of the Year

  • Dominic Quarchie – Wayε Me Yie by Piesie Esther

Best Music Video of the Year

  • Piesie Esther – Wayε Me Yie

Most Dominant Fan Base of the Year

  • Shatta Movement

UK-Based Awards:

UK Based Artiste of the Year

  • Charles Kalah

UK Based Live Performance Band of the Year

  • The Compozers

UK Based Best Collaboration of the Year

  • Samuel Sey – Agyenkwa Hene ft Efe Grace

UK Based Producer of the Year

  • Ephraim Beatz

UK Based Songwriter of the Year

  • Ohene – Say I Do

UK Based Afrobeats/Afropop Artiste of the Year

  • Charles Kalah

UK Based Afrobeats/Afropop Song of the Year

  • My Girl (Remix) – GoldKay ft. David Jay

UK Based Highlife Artiste of the Year

  • Ohene

UK Based Highlife Song of the Year

  • So Much Love – Black Kat Gh feat. Kwabena Kwabena

UK New Artiste of The Year

  • Mayqueen

UK-Based Uncovered Artiste of the Year

  • Yaw Bossman

UK Based Gospel Artiste of the Year

  • Alice McKenzie

UK Based Gospel Song of the Year

  • Blessed – Joseph Matthew

UK Based Best DJ

  • DJ P Montana

Ghanaian Contemporary Act of The Year

  • K.O.G (Kweku Of Ghana)

Special Awards:

Best Touring Band

  • Santrofi band
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“It’s disrespectful to me, my team, my fans…” – JZyNo responds to Ruger’s snide remarks on ‘Butta My Bread’




JZyNo had a mouthful for Ruger following the latter’s insinuation about the success of his viral song ‘Butta My Bread,’ featuring Lasmid.


The Liberian star’s response comes after the Nigerian singer took a jab at him in episode 10 of the Zero Conditions podcast in September titled “Born to Rule.” Ruger had no qualms in undermining the quality and effort behind JZyNo’s flagship song, casually saying: “Now if you want to blow, you go blow by mistake. Na by mistake dem dey blow. There’s– It’s not intentional anymore. You could just say your [song] blow on TikTok,” before proceeding to sing a snippet of the song and concluding, “Then, you don turn artist be that.” 


In a personal video addressed to his fans, JZyNo hit back at Ruger, calling the ‘Asiwaju’ hitmaker’s comments disrespectful, amid other factual statements meant to expose Ruger’s snide remarks. “You know very well every artist put in work to get to somewhere, every artist. Not talking about JZyNo, who has been doing this for years,” the ‘Butta My Bread’ star said. He added: “The statement that Ruger made, for me, it’s disrespectful to me and my team and my fans, Dancegod Lloyd who did the challenge, the artist that I featured, Lasmid. And in fact, the entire Liberia and Ghana industry.”


It is uncertain if this will be the start of a feud between the two artists moving forward. Meanwhile, ‘Butta My Bread’ still boasts a strong presence on charts across the continent, having amassed over 100M streams since its release in April. The song has become one of 2023’s top hits, putting JZyNo at the vanguard of Afrobeats and his critics to shame. As he prepares to release his eagerly-awaited song with Camidoh ‘Eyes On You’ this week – following its postponement out of respect for the late Mohbad, JZyNo may be on the verge of delivering another indelible hit.

‘Eyes On You’ featuring Camidoh will arrive on all music platforms come October 6th. Don’t miss out.


@jzynodaily Popular Nigerian singer, Ruger throws shade on the leader of the New Liberia, JZyNO. #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #dancegodlloyd #ghanatiktok🇬🇭 #viralsound #liberiatiktok🇱🇷 #fyp #jzyno #buttermybreadchallenge #buttermybread #followme ♬ original sound – JZYNO DAILY❤️🦅

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Former First Lady, Theresa Kufuor passes on




Media reports indicate that former First Lady Theresa Kufuor is dead.

Mrs Kufuor, nee Mensah, is reported to have passed away on Sunday, October 1.

She served as the First Lady of Ghana from January 7, 2001 to January 6, 2009.

She assumed the role after her husband succeeded Jerry John Rawlings as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

While serving as First Lady, Madam Theresa set up the Mother to Child Community Development Foundation to help in the proper development of children and prevent mother-to-child transmission of diseases.

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