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Emeli Sandé Releases New Album ‘Let’s Say For Instance.’ New Single and Video, ‘Ready To Love’



Today, internationally-renowned British singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé has shared her new album ‘Let’s Say For Instance,’ available to stream and download now via Chrysalis Records. Featuring writing and production by Emeli, alongside collaborations with F A L L E NNaughty BoyBooker TOllie GreenHenri Davies, and others, the album marks her first release on an independent label, and a brand-new era of Emeli’s expansive artistry after a decade on stage and on the airwaves. The sixteen-track album includes previously released singles ‘There Isn’t Much’, ‘Brighter Days’, ‘Look What You’ve Done’ ‘Family’, as well as current focus single ‘Ready To Love.’

Listen to the new album from Emeli Sandé, ‘Let’s Say For Instance’ HERE.

Along with the release of the album, Emeli is sharing the official music video for the album’s focus track, ‘Ready To Love.’ Released earlier this week, the ‘Ready To Love’ video was directed by Fin Frew and filmed on-location in Paris.

Watch the official music video for ‘Ready To Love’ HERE.

Making the most of her home studio during lockdown, ‘Let’s Say For Instance sees Emeli opening herself up to a wealth of sonic possibilities, exploring new territory through shades of classical, disco, nostalgic R&B and more. Thematically, inspiration on the album took many forms: from falling madly in love on ‘July 25th’ and ‘September 8th’, to encouraging self confidence on ‘Yes You Can’, describing the lyrics as “the light at the end of the tunnel” digging deeper beyond the often simplified portrayal of mental health and depression, to ‘Another One’, on the conversation of race equality.

With full creative control, it sees Emeli freeing herself from the expectations of others, flexing her holistic skills as a musician, songwriter, producer and vocalist in new, versatile ways. In her words: “‘an ode to resilience, rebirth, and renewal”.

Speaking of the new album, Emeli shares: “For me to be in the space I’m in now, I couldn’t have rushed. Of course, three years ago, I would have loved to have been in this place; in love, making music that I love. But you just can’t do it until you’re ready, and the world is ready and the circumstances are in place.”

“I am so thrilled that my fourth album ‘Let’s Say For Instance’ is out today. It is an ode to resilience, rebirth and renewal. Although I am exploring new sounds, I believe that my lyrical and melodic signature will still be felt, especially by those who have followed me closely throughout all these years. I hope the freedom I have found within my spirit and voice will be heard and shared through this album.”

In an exclusive conversation with Variety, Emeli shared: “I’m so proud of this album and can’t wait to release it. I’ve felt free to express myself more naturally both lyrically and musically in this album and my wish is that it will be an uplifting experience for each listener and that they will get to know me on a much deeper level.”

Emeli Sandé’s new album, ‘Let’s Say For Instance’ is available everywhere today

Watch the official music video for ‘Ready To Love’ HERE.

Let’s Say For Instance track listing
1. Family
2. Look What You’ve Done (with Jaykae)
3. July 25th
4. Oxygen
5. Summer
6. My Pleasure
7. There Isn’t Much
8. September 8th
9. Look In Your Eyes
10. Ready To Love
11. Wait For Me
12. Another One
13. Yes You Can
14. Brighter Days
15. Superhuman
16. World Go Round

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Criss Waddle makes up for the long hiatus with a Stonebwoy joint – ‘Take Me Back’



He’s back like he never left! AMG Bizness head honcho, Criss Waddle has ended his long hiatus from producing bangers with yet another big tune dubbed, ‘Take Me Back’.

He makes up for all the years he’s been silent with a Stonebwoy feature on this lover’s jam which comes with dope visuals, and guess what, it’s off his upcoming album!

The afrobeat rhythm oozes a relatable storyline of a guy being rejected by a woman he invested a lot of effort & resources into because he’s broke now.

‘TAKE ME BACK’ is an afrobeat project recorded by Criss Waddle and Stonebwoy and was produced by award-winning producer Beatz Da Kay.

This song comes as the first release since Waddle dropped his hip hop collabo “King Kong” with decorated Tema rapper Kwesi Arthur 4 years ago.

Criss Waddle was born and raised in Tema, Ghana. His music influences are hip hop and afrobeat. He is affiliated to music group and community R2Bees.

Stream on preferred –
Audiomack link –


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Davido tells Apple Music about his new album, working with Kanye and more



Davido joins The Dotty Show on Apple Music 1, and teases details of his forthcoming album. Plus, he reflects on his collaboration with Kanye West, reveals the artists he would like to work with, and more.

Key quotes are below, available for use with credit to The Dotty Show on Apple Music 1. Listen back to the full show on demand anytime with an Apple Music subscription HERE.

Davido Tells Apple Music About His Forthcoming Album & Teases Name Change For The Project…
I don’t think we’re using that name anymore [‘’We Rise By Lifting Others’], but it’s almost done. We’re just in the final stages with mixing and mastering. Really not a big reason for the name change, we just wanted to keep that more for our foundation, and it’s something that will always stick with us. So the new name will be announced soon. Our music is done, like I said, we’re in the final stages of the mixing and mastering. And hopefully after the tour we let loose.
Davido Tells Apple Music What Fans Can Expect From His New Album…

Fire, fire, fire. We’re bringing back that original Afrobeat music. We had fun making this. So I make fun music so I just want… I’m here to make people smile, dance, and sometimes reflect. I feel like everything is going to be… It’s in that album. Everything you need. And I feel now we’re going to change a lot. Not really crazy on features with this album, it’s more of bringing back that Davido, Davido, Davido, Davido. Of course there’ll be a couple features, but nothing crazy like that. So we’re here for… This year we just making music.

Davido Tells Apple Music About ‘Stand Strong’ and Working With Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir….
Crazy man. Yeah, we was in Atlanta when he was having the release parties, and then from there I met Jason who works with Kanye, and then we just got in the studio and played them a couple records, and obviously ‘Stand Strong’ is the one that fit them. And we flew out to L.A. and we shot the video. And hopefully we get to perform a couple shows with them. It was just a different feeling, a different kind of record. I wouldn’t say I’ve never done a record like that, but I don’t think I’ve ever released a record like that. But funny enough, my earlier records, before Afro beats and stuff, that’s the kind of music I was geared to, like R&B, slow, soulful type stuff.

Davido Tells Apple Music About The Artists He’d Like To Work With…
I’d love to work with SZA. I like SZA. I worked with Summer [Walker] already. She’s amazing…Summer’s my sister so you can go get another one on the album. But I like SZA, I like Khalid. I just met this really cool dude, we just hit the studio. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, his name is Masego. Yeah. He’s on my album as well. Crazy.

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Larruso tells his love story with new single, “Carolina”



“fight for love, fight for what makes you happy” Larruso laughs as he says “this is Ridwan Abdul Rafiu” talking.

Ghanaian afro-dancehall artist, Larruso experiments with afrobeats on his new song titled ‘Carolina’. Listen to ‘Carolina’ here.

On a downtempo afrobeats instrumentation produced by Caskeys, Larruso reminisces about the good memories he had with an ex-lover and pleads to fix up issues that led to their grudge, the young star further promised his love interest of an everlasting love journey.

Larruso continues to awe his listeners as he experiments with other genres out of his comfort.

Please kindly listen to “Carolina” by Larruso below and please kindly add to your playlists.

Digital Stores:

Watch the lyrics video of “Carolina” on YouTube;


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Chicocurlyhead Releases Chapter Two Of His Music Video Series – “Quien Es Esa”



The groundbreaking Panamanian-born, Atlanta-raised artist Chicocurlyhead releases the official music video for “Quien Es Esa.” Directed by Andrés Gomez, this whimsical video is the second visual chapter in Chicocurlyhead’s series of music videos, after releasing the music video for his titular track “DIADREAMER” last month. Known for his singular Spanglish flow and his approach to songwriting, Chicocurlyhead brilliantly weaves R&B, Pop and Trap beats, showcasing his unique musicality. To watch the official music video for “Quien Es Esa” click here.

After working together on the official video for “DIADREAMER,” director Andrés Gomez and Chicocurlyhead team up again on “Quien Es Esa.” The story behind this video is a continuation of the first chapter, where he encounters the same alluring woman he was dreaming of in “DIADREAMER.” The drama lies in the fact that once he kisses her, he’ll realize he was the star of his own reality show, resembling the iconic 1998 film The Truman Show. With a distinctive visual touch, Gomez once again creates a level of suspense as Chicocurlyhead tries to connect with this alluring woman. Set in a house party with effervescent lighting and whimsical cinematography resembling an old school video camera, the music video is seeping with anticipation and tension as Chicocurlyhead seeks to interact with his crush. Andrés Gomez has worked with an array of artists including Nicky Jam, Tory Lanez, Bomba Estéreo, Marteria and Lalo Ebratt, among others.

Proving himself to be unstoppable, Chicocurlyhead is capturing the hearts of fans all across the U.S., Mexico, South America and beyond.  Recently he performed at Festival Vaiven on April 30th on the Vaiven Stage along with incredible artists like Jungle, Sigur Ros, Cut Copy and many more.  He also opened for Tiago PZK’s two sold-out shows on May 3rd and 4th at El Lunario in Mexico City. Chicocurlyhead has also been featured on many new music lists and playlists including Vibras on Spotify, One Voice on Tidal, and New Music Friday additions to Global, US General Market, US Latin, Colombia, Peru, Egypt and Gulf playlists on Spotify.

Chicocurlyhead (John Farrish), is reinventing the world of Latin music. Born and raised in Panama, Chicocurlyhead moved from Central America to Atlanta, Georgia when he was 9 years old. His music is emblematic of his mixed background as he combines the Latin soul of his Panamanian childhood with the trap beats that Atlanta is famous for. His music career began in 2019 in a very unorthodox way; while at a friend’s house he experimented with some sounds and lyrics, creating his first song in 30 minutes, and uploading it to SoundCloud, resulting in a passionate fanbase early on. This inspired him to explore what a career in music might look like, committing himself fully to his craft.

As a native Spanish speaker, creating in both English and Spanish is an important part of Chicocurlyhead’s vision. As someone who is extremely proud of his heritage, his goal is to create art that represents him culturally. Chicocurlyhead is able to weave brilliantly between the General and Latin markets, and industry executives marvel at his fresh bilingual approach. Having spent much of his life in Atlanta, his biggest musical inspirations are Hip Hop icons such as Post Malone, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Saint Jhn. Atlanta’s music scene has been a rich creative playground for Chicocurlyhead’s sound, and his eclectic taste in music is what shapes his artistic perspective and makes him stand out amongst others.

Chicocurlyhead has released notable hits including “Modelo,” “Si Tu Quieres,” and “Hace Mucho.” In such a short time he has paved his way onto the Radar US Latin, Urbano Rising, Supernova, and Suave Charts. He has also covered other playlists such as Fresh Finds on Spotify and La Nueva Grasa on Apple Music. Additionally, he has acquired a sync deal with an Amazon Prime series and performed at Art Basel, Oasis Wynwood, and Uforia’s Showcase. Recently, Chicocurlyhead performed at SXSW 2022 as an ‘Official Artist’ selection for this year’s festival. As a proud Afro-Latino, Chicocurlyhead plans on breaking the mold in the music industry through sharing his authentic and distinct perspective.

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Listen UP: Xotommyy is out with ‘Underrated 2′ album




Miami-based rapper Xotommyy is out with his latest album, aptly titled ‘Underrated 2′. (more…)

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Listen UP: Thabilé releases new album titled ‘Read My Lips’



South African born,  German based multifaceted musical force Thabilé has come back stronger than ever with an extremely captivating offering, dreamily packaged in a 12 track album titled Read My Lips.


Read My Lips offers a persuasive testament to the human spirit’s ability to transcend in the face of obstacles and seemingly insurmountable odds, and Thabile’s confident and vibrant, inspired performances bring the songs’ upbeat lyrical sentiments to life.


Stream/Download Read My Lips the album here:


The album is the musical range that allows genres such as Soul, Afro, Gospel, Pop, Jazz and RnB to flow into one another. Accompanied by musical arrangements from the highly talented producer Steve Bimamisa, which are enchanting in their orchestrated clarity, without being intrusive.

“Missing a vital member of a family can have long-lasting mental effects. This album is about healing those scars caused by loss and abandonment. And just as the healing commences, it brings with it the much-needed self-love and confidence to you becoming the person of your dreams,” expresses Thabilé on releasing the album. 


Elegant. Soulful. Radiant. Few words come close to describing the rich, silky sound of the 34-year-old who has lived in Stuttgart for four years now. Thabilé was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. More precisely: in a township called Dlamini.


“I live in Germany today, but I’m happy to have grown up in South Africa. These roots are extremely important to me,” she says. You can also hear that in their music, which is repeatedly interspersed with African rhythms and vocal lines.

“My songs not only represent myself, but the entire African continent. Everyone with African roots who listens to my songs should recognize themselves in them.”


Thabilé has also release the second single off the album titled Melanin Vibes to the South African market which is being serviced by Triple Double Media. Melanin Vibes is a celebration of everything that comes with having Melanin (empowering of dark skin, tough hair, African curvy Body etc…).


Make sure to request Thabile’s new single Melanin Vibes on your favorite radio stations and follow her on social media for updates.


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