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How to bet 1×2 on tennis? Easy steps to win



Tennis is one of the most popular targets for bets – not as huge as football or cricket, but there are still millions of fans. Tennis games don’t end in ties that often, but it can happen. Granted, there’ll be an additional tiebreaker game if the winner is not determined after 6 consecutive periods. 

But because there are technically ties in this game, you can place 1X2 bets on it.

What is a 1X2 bet?

A 1X2 prediction is a betting method that takes into account ties, as well as wins. So, in addition to placing a bet on either team, you can also predict that neither wins the particular match. So, the name refers to the three possibilities: a home victory (‘1’), a tie (‘X’) or an away victory (‘2’).

It’s usually football that enjoys this betting system, because it just fits the game perfectly. But it’s not an exclusively football-related phenomenon. Any sport with a tie can use a 1X2 format. Ties happen in the end of tennis tournaments, even if the matchup is always conclusive in the end.


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How to place a 1X2 bet on Tennis?

The 1X2 format is usually reserved for football, hockey or other games where ties are common occurrence. In tennis, ties can happen during the game, but they are more irregular. They will still happen plenty of times to justify the existence of tennis 1X2 bets. There are enough providers that it.

It’s not much more complex. You simply have an additional choice of a ‘tie’ between two participants in a tennis match. So, it’s just a third button between the two original ones. Pressing it will let you place a bet. The odds are typically much higher for a tie – especially because ties aren’t that common in tennis, compared to football.

After placing the bet, you simply need to wait until the match is resolved and, if the main games end in a tie (for instance, with a 6-6 score), then your bet is proven true. In case of a tie, there’s always a tiebreaker game. These don’t count. If a tie happened at all, then you win (granted you placed a ‘X’ bet).

Predicting a tie in a tennis match is another topic completely. There are plenty of tennis betting tips 1X2, as well as websites that predict such outcomes for these things. And you don’t actually have to place a tie bet – it’s an option that you can use among the usual win bets. 


Top points when wagering 1X2 in tennis

The betting odds change from site to site, but the best odds in the end are usually offered by the big betting websites and sportsbooks. A 1X2 format is common enough for these places, but some of them choose to not include the ‘tie’ option because it can complicate things.

What’s more, the odds for the home win and away win can be a bit lower with 1X2, simply because there is a new third option. As for the tie itself, the odds for this outcome are usually twice as high as for the wins. The actual coefficients can vary from book to book.


1X2 tennis betting is a great way to win money. The most interesting scenario in such bets is the draw, which is what a lot of people pick. Obviously, it happens rarely (certainly rarer than with football), which naturally elevates the odds for this outcome, creating fortunes for correct tie tennis predictions.


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