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Reasons behind the success of sports betting in Africa



Everywhere you turn on the streets of Accra, down to the bustling streets of Lagos, Lome, and Dakar, the sight of big branded sports betting banners will follow you. On TV, radio, and social media, sports betting promotions are a dime a dozen, with several options available for people to choose from. Football betting and casino betting on platforms such as betway casino are popular among Africa’s youth.

Many young people aged 18 and above form active online sports betting communities where they share booking codes and discuss betting odds amongst themselves.

Factors responsible for sports betting success in Africa

Sports betting in Africa has gradually grown over the last decade. Now, it appears to have cemented its place among the youth of Africa, who are one of the biggest patrons of online sports betting. Sports betting companies are smiling to the bank every week, despite Africa’s much talked about poverty. How are these sports betting companies recording huge levels of success in Africa?

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Sports betting success became huge over the years in Africa. Sports betting contributes to the growth of sports in many areas, including sports tourism.


Here are some factors that have influenced the success of sports betting over the years:

  • Africa’s youth population

Africa has one of the biggest youth populations with a lot of unearthed potential due to unemployment challenges and problems related to youth development. That’s one of the reasons why any activity that can yield any form of monetary gain is quite popular in Africa. And since sports betting does not require a lot of education and it has a low entry barrier it encourages African youth to take part in this activity.

  • The big sports fan base

Africans are great sports lovers, and their support for their favorite teams transcends borders. Sport is a great form of entertainment available to Africans. Africans follow football, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, wrestling, etc. Additionally, Africans support their favorite teams with a burning passion. Needless to say, all of this is only further emphasized with sports betting.

  • Cheap internet data

Africa’s internet adoption stats are growing immensely on a daily basis. Mobile internet connectivity and relatively cheap internet subscription packages encourage the youth to stake games via sports betting apps installed on their phones.


Sports betting looks set to continue enjoying huge patronage in Africa. With Africa’s population projected to rise consistently over the next three decades and other favorable conditions, sports betting will most certainly continue to thrive.


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