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WATCH: Lack of movie funding is forcing us to Nollywood – James Gardiner



WATCH: Lack of movie funding is forcing us to Nollywood - James Gardiner

Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has revealed why most Ghanaians actors go to Nigeria’s Nollywood for work.

Speaking to AmeyawTV on the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Movie Awards, James stated that lack of film distribution and funding from individuals or corporate entities in the Ghana movie industry is killing the industry.

Responding to the question of whether there are enough Ghanaian movies on the market, he said: “The problem we have now is with distribution and funding. I don’t feel like the producers get their monies worth after the production, if you pump your money into a shoot and you don’t get a good profit, you won’t want to continue again.

When you travel and you go outside, the corporate, the government, there are institutions that fund movies because they know that once you make it solid, you can sell it to platforms like Netflix, make your money back and payback. Our problem is with distribution, once the funding comes we can do solid movies, A-Class movies”

On why Ghanaians actors work more in Nollywood, the actor said: “We’re not doing a lot of productions here in Ghana. you don’t expect us to just sit and wait for funding to come. How far is Nigeria? You go and you work, once things settle down we will come back. There’s nothing literally happening here, it’s not like before so why would you just sit around?”

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